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Hi. I am Oly, reporter at the Somnium Times. Writing for the Somnium Times is a passion of mine. I love to immerse myself in Somnium Space, the Metaverse, and document my personal impressions, musings and whatever I encounter: Beautiful art and architecture, live music events, interesting people, you name it.

Somnium Space is growing. And we as in-world news agency want to grow as well. For this we need your help! Join me, become a writer and submit your articles for review. You will get rewarded in Somnium CUBES – Somnium Space’s native token – for every article we accept.

Interested? Keep reading!

How to join

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Join Somnium Space (if you haven’t already done so) and immerse yourself in this magical Virtual Reality world. For the best experience, use a VR headset. But you can also use the 2D client or even visit parcels in Somnium Space via SomniumWEB. For the latter you only need a URL (take a look at this gallery for example). No matter how you join, let the world and the people inspire you to write captivating stories.

Step 2

Read the rules and style guide before you decide to write and submit articles. Articles will be accepted or rejected at Somnium Times’ discretion, but you have a much bigger chance of getting your articles published (and rewarded) if you follow the rules.

Make also sure to familiarize yourself with the Somnium Times. Read some of the articles so you get an idea of what type of content we publish, the quality, etc.

For example, check out the posts of Olysounds who has been writing for the Somnium Times for some time now.

Step 3

To submit articles you will need to join our Discord server.

After joining post the following in the #talented-writers channel

I have an article I want to submit

Our staff will DM you after which you can submit your article(s) for review.

Our team will check your article. If we believe the article has potential, but needs a little more work, we will get back to you. In case we reject the article, we will also explain why. Once we accept your article, we will schedule it for publication and pay you in Somnium CUBES.

Every published article will earn you USD 25 in Somnium Cubes.

(Make sure you have an Ethereum wallet address as we will only make payments via blockchain transactions)

For writers who submit regularly and with a consistent quality, we will upgrade your status, which will earn you more.

A Few Excerpts…

Virtual Reality, Somnium Space, the Metaverse; these technological advancements are going to have a profound impact on society. Of that I am sure. And I feel privileged to be part of it. But already now it is important that we, the first Metaverse explorers, think about our motives and the world(s) we want to build. We have a responsibility to those who come after us. They will roam the territories that we have made accessible for them. Somnium isn’t necessarily going to simplify our and their lives, but it has the potential to enrich us in ways beyond our imagination.

— Marc Demar

Once everyone has access to the metaverse and mass adoption ensues, many will be exposed to new cultures, higher education, and be able to learn relevant skills despite what their participation in the current economy may be. […]

Whatever the future holds, it is up to us to influence it. Clearly, now that the bridge to it has been built, i.e. Somnium Space, the door to possibility and progress is wide open.

Olysounds (Oly)

Questions? Contact Us

Join our Discord server and post your question in the #talented-writers or #ask-questions channel.