Austrian Marketing Agency Bluforce Opens Office In The Metaverse
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Austrian Marketing Agency Bluforce Opens Office In The Metaverse

Bluforce, a leading Austrian marketing agency renowned for its innovative strategies and creative solutions, has taken a significant leap into the future by establishing its presence in the metaverse. 

With the emergence of the metaverse as a rapidly evolving concept, Bluforce aims to provide its clients with unparalleled expertise and guidance in this new frontier of communication. The move comes as the spatial computing industry continues to gain momentum, with projections indicating exponential growth and accelerated development.

Embracing the Metaverse Revolution

As communication landscapes undergo constant transformation, Bluforce recognizes the need to remain at the forefront of emerging trends. By venturing into the metaverse, the agency positions itself as a pioneer, ready to navigate and explore the limitless possibilities of this revolutionary medium. The metaverse is poised to become the next big thing, transcending traditional gaming boundaries and offering countless applications that will redefine human interaction and engagement.

Somnium Space: The Gateway to Bluforce’s Metaverse Office

Bluforce has chosen Somnium Space, a leading metaverse platform, as the home for its virtual office. Somnium Space’s VR-first approach, vibrant community, and unique features make it an ideal environment for businesses seeking to establish a metaverse presence. Bluforce’s virtual office in Somnium Space epitomizes the agency’s core values of efficiency, effectiveness, and openness. It serves as a versatile and immersive space with multiple purposes, offering unparalleled opportunities for brand exposure and customer engagement.

Unveiling the Immersive Office Experience

Bluforce’s metaverse office in Somnium Space exemplifies the agency’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. The immersive space not only showcases Bluforce’s expertise but also fosters seamless interaction and collaboration. Visitors can explore the office at their convenience, regardless of geographic location, using various devices and modes, including VR, 2D, and simple links. It provides a unique platform for hosting meetings, creating an immersive and engaging alternative to traditional video conferencing solutions.

The Metaverse: A Paradigm Shift in Brand Messaging

Bluforce’s foray into the metaverse is rooted in its dedication to uncovering new avenues for brand messaging. As the metaverse concept gains traction, it presents a remarkable opportunity for brands to establish deeper connections with their audiences. By creating an immersive space that captivates and excites, brands can cultivate customer loyalty and foster repeated engagement. Bluforce, with its pioneering spirit, is poised to leverage the metaverse’s potential and explore new dimensions of brand communication.

The Future is Now: Rapid Advancements and Apple’s VR-Glass Entry

The metaverse’s trajectory has received a significant boost with the imminent entry of Apple into the XR-headset market. As hardware and software advancements accelerate, the metaverse’s inevitability becomes increasingly apparent. Bluforce’s move to establish a virtual office aligns perfectly with this evolving landscape, providing clients with an early advantage in harnessing the metaverse’s potential.

Bernd Löschenbrand, the CEO of Bluforce agency, expects the “social media moment” for the metaverse through advanced glasses.

A large portion of consumers simply don’t have the opportunity to participate because the access barriers haven’t been removed yet. It will be truly interesting when there are suitable glasses available. While there are initial attempts, they haven’t reached the mainstream level yet. It was certainly easier with social media because the then-new smartphones immediately supported it. The smartphone was essentially the technical enabler for social media, and glasses will be the enabler for the metaverse. But in the era of AI and rapid development, it’s only a matter of time until metaverse usage becomes part of our daily lives.


Bluforce’s strategic expansion into the metaverse through its office in Somnium Space signifies a visionary approach to marketing. As the metaverse continues to evolve, the agency’s expertise and presence will empower clients to navigate this transformative landscape with confidence. By embracing the metaverse, Bluforce solidifies its position as an industry leader, propelling brands into the future of communication and engagement.

About Bluforce

Bluforce is a renowned Austrian marketing agency based in Salzburg, committed to delivering effective and relevant solutions for brands. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and real impact, Bluforce leverages emerging trends and technologies to help clients achieve their marketing goals.

Explore the Bluforce Weboffice now:

Bluforce Website:

June 28, 2023

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