Imagine a car. Not just any car, but the coolest virtual vehicle that was ever designed and constructed, treated as a canvas and turned into a brilliant work of art by amazing crypto artists. Got it? Now imagine you can drive that car in Somnium Space.

Get Ready for V-RACΞ

V-RACΞ, a virtual reality crypto vehicle producing brand spawned out of the collaboration between TheRealCyberPunk88 and Natural Warp.

Aesthetics and Utility

V-Race cars are beautiful. They’re works of art. Each one of them is carefully crafted with a unique, eye-catching paint job that will have spectators turn their heads in unison when they’re accelerating through their field of vision. V-Race cars can be driven in VR in Somnium Space for an ultimate racing experience. And you can be a driver. Being an owner of a V-Race car will make you the envy of Somnium from East to West and North to South.

VOYAGΞR series of 2021

A total of 16 driveable #NFT cars are available in the ‘VOYAGΞR series of 2021’ collection by V-RACΞ: 12 X1 base models and 4 special editions.

  • 6 of the X1 base models have regular paint jobs that are derived from Natural Warp’s 360° artworks.
  • 6 of the X1 base models have collab paint jobs that are derived from Natural Warp’s 360° collabs with other crypto artists.

The collab editions feature the following crypto artists: RedideoJames FoxMadolf Duntitled xyzLovevisuals and Christopher Dowding. The observant crypto art enthusiasts among us will recognize those names as they were part of the multi-artist 360° NFT art drop on KnownOrigin recently.

The 4 special editions:

  • DREDD-X, the cyberpunk model, has a shader that shifts 3 times from black to another color scheme
  • MAD-X, the post-apocalyptic model, has a rusty, pulsating, light-emitting red sheen
  • X1-VR, the 360° holodeck model, has an holistic 360° shader
  • V-TRON, the concept model, has a complete mirror shader with black texture

Note also that 14 cars are two seaters, which implies you can take a passenger for an ultimate ride.


The V-Race car collection can be viewed on OpenSea. Each car’s description contains a link to a YouTube video for an awesome rotating view.

In August 2021 (starting August 10th), V-Race cars will be on auction on the Somnium Space VR marketplace:[sortBy]=EXPIRATION_DATE&search[sortAscending]=true

See also Natural Warp’s crypto-vehicle gallery:

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