We at the Somnium Times are always looking for talented writers and video creators. To strengthen our team, we launched a new rewards program “Write for Rent”. In simple terms, if you write for us, or create videos, you will gain credits for which you can rent one of our Somnium Space parcels. We have S, M and XL parcels available. But that’s not all, we also have ‘digital real estate’ in the form of ad-space on our website. If you contribute with content, you can advertise with us with your credits.

Sign Me Up Scotty

To join our ‘Write for Rent’ program, join us on Discord and write “I’d like to write for rent” in the #write-for-rent channel.

Simple and Straightforward.

The more articles you write and/or videos you create, the longer you can rent a parcel. For how long, depends on how many credits you collected and the parcel size (S, M and XL) and location (roadside, waterfront).

Each article/video represents a number of credits

Let’s say you are new to our team and start writing quality articles (quality is important). As a novice you will get 1 credit per article/video. If you keep up the good work, then after 3 articles we will give you 2 credits per article/video. We will continue raising the number of credits you get as follows:

  • Novice, 1 credit per articles/video (1-3 articles)
  • Beginner, 2 credits per article/video (4-10 articles)
  • Professional, 3 credits per article/video (11-25 articles)
  • Expert, 5 credits per article/video (26-50 articles)
  • Master, 7 credits per article/video (51-100 articles)
  • Legend, 10 credits per article/video (101+ articles)

Another example: Let’s say you wrote/created 10 articles and/or videos. We will promote you to ‘professional’ and give you 3 credits for your next contribution.

Credits can be used towards parcel rent and Somnium Times advertisements

Your credits have real value.

  • S-parcel: 4 credits/month
  • M-parcel, roadside/inland: 8 credits/month
  • M-parcel, waterfront: 10 credits/month
  • XL-parcel, roadside/inland: 14 credits/month
  • XL-parcel, waterfront: 16 credits/month


  • Sidebar Ad: 4 credits/month
  • Promo post: 8 credits

Q: Am I guaranteed a parcel if I start writing and/or create videos for the Somnium Times?

A: Access to parcels depends on parcel availability, so make sure to get involved asap as this will increase your chances for getting access to one of the available parcels. Once you rent a parcel however, you will always have priority and have the right to extend parcel rent before the parcel is rented out to someone else who may be interested.

Q: How many parcels are available?

A: We plan to have around 7-8 parcels available for the ‘write for rent’ program. There are S, M and XL parcels available.

Q: Can I upgrade and go from renting an S parcel to renting an M parcel (or XL)?

A: Yes, but it depends on availability. We have a limited number of parcels. Your best shot is to join the program early on and contribute a lot with quality articles. This will give you the required credits for renting bigger parcels.

Q: Will you accept any article or video?

A: No, articles/videos need to be directly or indirectly related to Somnium Space and be of good quality. We reserve the right not to publish your contributions, but our general approach is to work with you in case we think the article/video needs more work. We will not credit you for unpublished articles/videos.

Q: What is the quality standard?

A: The best way to get a sense of what we are looking for is by reading articles in the Somnium Times and watch some of our videos on our YouTube channel.

Q: Are credits tokens and can I get them transferred to my wallet?

A: Credits are not tokens. In the future we plan to tie credits to Somnium Cubes and integrate the rewards program more closely with Somnium Space.

Q: What happens to my builds on a rented parcel when I do not extend the rent?

A: Your builds will be removed.

Q: Who keeps track of how many credits I have earned?

A: We will keep track of your credits and share this information with you after every change.

Q: How can I learn more about this program?

A: Join us on Discord and reach out to us in the #write-for-rent channel.


Somnium Times can change this rewards program at any time, including but not limited to canceling it, changing the number of credits per contribution and cost of parcel rent. Credits do not represent monetary value and they can not be exchanged for tokens or fiat currency. If the ‘write for rent’ program is canceled, we will not compensate for unused credits. 

The Somnium Times is your reliable source of news from @SomniumSpace #Metaverse and 100% community driven. We strive to bring you the best news, tutorials, event recaps, interviews and more in the entire Metaverse.

For inquiries and questions, reach out to us on Discord (#ask-questions channel) or send an email. We will respond as soon as possible.

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