Club Hex: Modern dance temple in Somnium hosts live music-streaming event

Club Hex: Modern dance temple in Somnium hosts live music-streaming event

On the southern shores of Deep Oasis Lake stands Club Hex, one of the first exclusive dance venues in Somnium. Make no mistake: The people of Somnium love to party so this modern dance temple will most definitely turn into a popular spot for the young (including the young at heart) and beautiful (all Somnium people are beautiful) looking for late night fun.

And now, for the first time, Club Hex opens its doors for a live music event, which is not only a great first for the club, but also demonstrates Somnium Space’s new live audio streaming feature.

The event will start Saturday night April 4th around 2:30PM PST (11:30PM CET) shortly after the daily meetup. Whether you just want to taste the atmosphere, hang out with your friends or are dying to tour the dance floor to the beats of great dance music, make sure to visit Club Hex! It is located on the southern shore of Deep Oasis Lake only a few minutes walk from Somnium Waypoint.

This first event will be free for everyone. For subsequent events in Club Hex you will need to get yourself a Club Hex NFT ticket in the Club Hex store on OpenSea. These tickets will be for one time use, but as a special introductory offer, Club Hex will be auctioning off 50 lifetime tickets. If you get one of these you will forever be a VIP guest and can join the fun anytime.

Club Hex will be auctioning off lifetime access tickets.

Club Hex is destined to become the number #1 night club in Somnium. It’s a true dance mecca and we are looking forward to the great parties that will be going on there!

April 3, 2020

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