Somnium Space and the magic of 360° art

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Somnium Space rolls out new features that have a definite wow-factor. In fact, they introduce new, exciting capabilities in a constant stream, which makes exploring Somnium such a great experience each time you login. There’s always something new to do.

One particularly interesting feature is the ability to display 360° images and videos in Somnium. A Somnium member who has welcomed this feature with open arms is Natural Warp, the belgian artist we featured here in the Somnium Times a few weeks ago. He’s a psychedelic/visionary 2D/3D 360° AR/VR cryptoartist, which is somewhat of a mouthful, but everyone who has seen his mind blowing art understands what this means. His work has to be seen – or rather it has to be experienced – and there is no better place to do it than in Somnium Space in his exhibition centers, west of Somnium Waypoint.

You can watch the following video to get an impression of how art can be experienced inside ‘bubbles’ in VR in Somnium Space.

Natural Warp’s ‘art bubbles’ can be found west of Somnium Waypoint, very close to his structures where the ‘Take me to the Moon’ exhibition opened on June 5th.

The possibilities are sheer endless. Artur Sychov, CEO and founder of Somnium Space, actually streamed a 360 degree video of his real life kitchen into a ‘bubble’. See his tweet on this page.

It’s a fun experiment, but it shows what can be achieved with this feature. Artists are already seeing the potential, but before long we’ll see a host of other applications, including but not limited to advertising bubbles and a host of fun experiences.

The ability to show 360° images and videos inside Somnium Space is yet another reason to join this ever evolving magical world. Again, it is only one of the features that have been added in recent weeks and months. Combined with the ability to stream audio, video, take in-world images with the VR tablet camera and even stream your adventures live to share with the outside world, this platform clearly shows it means business.

Hope to see you soon in Somnium!

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  1. It’s so great that Somnium is really opening up possibilities for artists and creating a platform where folks really own their assets on the blockchain and can monetize them to if they want. Though there is so much free content it’s amazing.

    • I totally agree Sasha! The segregation of platform and assets is a true game changer. It gives the confidence and trust required for a thriving economy.

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