Somnium Space Secondary Land Offering (SLO) or When Superlatives Fall Short
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Somnium Space Secondary Land Offering (SLO) or When Superlatives Fall Short

Secondary Land Offering: November 1st 2020 until December 18th 2020

Somnium Space has announced the dates of the much anticipated Secondary Land Offering. It will be held from November 1st 2020 until December 18th 2020.

Mark your calendars because Secondary Land Offering will be happening from the 1st of November — 18th of December!

7 weeks of epic auctions for premium PARCELs via OpenSea and amazing rewards! Moreover this time PARCELs will be available in 3 different currencies — Ethereum, Somnium CUBEs & DAI Stablecoin, so that everyone can choose their favorite payment methods!

Announcement by Somnium Space

Everyone who has been around during the Initial Land Offering in 2019 and the subsequent Road to Secondary Land Offering earlier this year, will understand one thing: The upcoming SLO is going to blow everyone’s mind. If you ever wondered what comes after amazing and epic – when it comes to NFT auctions that is – then this is going to be it; a not to miss event that will make history.

Why is this such a big deal and why should I purchase virtual land?

There are several reasons for why the SLO is significant and will supersede anything that has happened before.

But first things first. Somnium Space is a highly immersive Virtual Reality world that anyone can join with a supported VR headset or even in 2D mode for those not owning one. It’s totally free to jump in and experience the magic of being immersed in a giant, continuous parallel world that looks and feels so real that it tricks your brain into believing you are really there.

It is absolutely mind blowing to stand on the shores of Deep Oasis Lake and watch the sun set behind the distant mountains and see the stars and moon, guardians of the night, reflect their light in the still waters at your feet.

– A Somnium Space member

Somnium Space also allows you to purchase and own land or so-called parcels. This does not happen on the Somnium Space platform itself but via the NFT marketplace OpenSea. This is a very important feature of Somnium Space: The total separation of asset ownership and the platform. If you purchase land in Somnium Space you will know that 1) the ownership is forever undisputed (=because registered on the blockchain) and 2) you can trade your land at any given point in time independent of the platform. It is your land and you can do with it what you want.

All great, but why should I purchase land in the first place?

This question can answered with one word: Applications.

There are so many ways that you can utilize your land; There is an abundance of use cases that give your land real value. Yes, it’s virtual land, but the benefits of being a land owner are neither virtual nor hypothetical. The sky is the limit once you are a landowner. Whether you just want to be creative and build awesome structures that you can roam in VR or want to monetize your parcels in revolutionary new ways, anything is possible. This is not some naïve, wild claim. It is backed by all the amazing things and events that have seen the light of day ever since Somnium Space opened its virtual doors to their immersive dream world.

Great for now but what about the future?

The future of Somnium Space is very bright!

For one, there’s Somnium Space’s commitment. The company has time and again demonstrated their vision and unrelenting commitment to their virtual world. They release updates in a steady stream, continuously enriching people’s experiences and introducing new ways for members to unleash their creativity. This vision and commitment, the pace at which Somnium brings enhancements, is a sneak peak into the future of this virtual world. We’re just at the beginning of the ride. By buying land you will purchase not only an asset that you can use today – the number of use cases is already mind blowing – but you buy a share of the future.

But it is not only about Somnium. Virtual Reality is the future. What we experience now is a giant wave and push (especially by Somnium), but we’re only at the beginning of what will be a true revolution: The Metaverse. The era where we will jump in and out of – and between – virtual worlds to socialize, engage, do business. Meeting your friends and business partners in an immersive virtual setting will soon be as normal as pulling out your smartphone and start a video call today.

Trust us: You want to be part of that revolution.

So how will the SLO work?

Somnium Space will announce the exact rules in the very near future! See the below announcement on Medium:

…we will announce exact pricing and auction rules with maps, locations and timetables. We will also announce a truly revolutionary NEW FEATURE which will unlock full potential of PARCELs and will shape true creation of The Metaverse for decades to come. TRUST US — you don’t want to miss that announcement! 

Announcement by Somnium Space

To make sure you do not miss a beat, make sure to check our website regularly. We will bring all the latest SLO news and annoucements. So stay tuned!

And if you haven’t already joined Somnium Space on Discord, this is the time to do it. There you find the Somnium Space community, always friendly, always willing to help you out in case you have questions. You can even reach out to Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space.

Amazing Rewards!

Before we conclude, there is actually another good reason for participating in the SLO: Rewards!

The rules couldn’t be more simple:

  • If you buy 10+ ETH worth of PARCELs during SLO you will receive 500 Somnium Cubes (100$ value at the time of writing).
  • If you buy 25+ ETH worth of PARCELs you will receive Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, 1000 Somnium Cubes and additional MATIC coins.
  • If you buy 100+ ETH worth of PARCELs you will receive brand new VR Ready Laptop, Oculus Quest 2 VR headset with deluxe strap, 2500 CUBEs, MATIC coins and a copy of a unique and rare cryptoart from MOCA!

These rewards are truly amazing! So join, purchase land for the set amounts and you’ll automatically be part of the draw.

Useful Links

Somnium Space website

Somnium Space on Discord

Somnium Space VR marketplace

October 9, 2020

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