NEWS: Somnium Times launches Somnium Assets NFT browser with integrated map

NEWS: Somnium Times launches Somnium Assets NFT browser with integrated map

Somnium Times has launched a new website: Somnium Assets. A service to quickly browse all NFT’s registered under Somnium Space contracts. It provides a similar browsing experience as OpenSea, the NFT marketplace, but with one convenient difference: The Somnium Assets NFT brower has an integrated Somnium Space map.

The Somnium Assets NFT browser is a lightweight, but highly convenient portal to all Somnium Space assets. You can get a quick overview of assets on sale, easily locate parcels on the integrated map and jump to the NFT’s on OpenSea where you can buy them. As the map is able to connect to your Metamask wallet, you can also quickly pull up a list with the Somnium Space assets that you own. Also, every parcel contains a link to the parcel on Somnium WEB.

Browsing parcels with the map conveniently placed to the right.

The top section of the Somnium Assets site is a carousel reserved for those who want to highlight and promote their Somnium Space build, gallery, artwork, music venue, show, NFT or even personal website. As long as it is related to Somnium Space it can be added to the carousel. For inquiries send an email to, DM @marcdemar on Discord or use the contact form here on Somnium Times.

Locate parcels on the map

The integrated map can be shown by clicking the ‘Show/Hide Map’ button.

Once it is visible, you can zoom in and out, move the map around, click on highlighted parcels to see the parcel’s details. Also, you can click on any parcel in the list (click the parcel’s picture) and the map will automatically focus on the parcel.

You can also check ‘Only list parcels visible on the map’, which will result in the list only showing parcels that are within the visible bounderies of the map.


March 20, 2021

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