SomniumWEB Live Event: Re-Opening Take Me To The Moon I

SomniumWEB Live Event: Re-Opening Take Me To The Moon I

Early citizens of Somnium Space remember it well. On June 5th 2020, the first group exhibition “Take me to the Moon” took place on the double parcel lot #4243 // #3929, organized by Natural Warp. You can find some of the artworks/banners from that exhibition on Makersplace.

The works of 23 crypto artists were on display and the event could be sponsored by purchasing special NFT tickets. The whole event – and the scale of it – was groundbreaking and demonstrated the enormous potential of a VR world like Somnium.

We’re one year down the line and so many things have happened since then. Many new people have joined Somnium Space and a whole range of cool, new features have been released, including the SomniumWEB client, allowing everyone to enter Somnium using a simple URL.

Live Re-Opening

On Sunday May 30th, 22:00 CET, the Take Me To The Moon group exhibition will be re-opened during a SomniumWEB live event. To join, use the following link:

The Artists

It promises to be a spectacular exhibition, with many contributing artists and amazing artworks for everyone to admire.

1 Gallery

28 Artists

40 Artworks

Artists participating are (in no particular order): Pranksy, Natural Warp, Andy Thomas, Max Osiris, ROBNESS, Katy Arrington, Yura Miron, Metageist, Silvio Vieira, Simon Haiduk, Neon 3000, Lovevisuals, Neurocolor, George Boya, Sphericalart, Vector Meldrew, Cechk, Pxlpet, Number 41, Mikiad, Undeadlu, Urben, Gordon Zuchhold, TheRealCyberpunk88, Aphrodasiacs, Kiradiron, Zer0れい, HotFrost

Natural Warp

For those of you who haven’t come across his name, Natural Warp is a visionary crypto artist and well known for some of the most spectacular VR galleries to date in Somnium Space and the whole of the Metaverse. For direct WEB access to his most actively visited venues and to stay up to date on all upcoming events do visit:

We had the privilege to catch up with Natural Warp and ask him a few questions about the re-opening.

Natural Warp, you’ve come a long way. Take Me To The Moon opened 1 year ago. Many things have happened since then. What made you decide to re-open and what are your plans for the future with group exhibitions like this?

Hi Marc, thanks for having me here and I do much appreciate the full support I keep on receiving from Somnium Space and the entire crypto community.

One year ago I, after I completed my first solo exhibition in Somniumspace on a parcel rented to me by Artur I indeed decided to build our first group exhibition on a double parcel rented to me by Barthazian. The opening of the venue was a great success, even when the threshold to participate was a lot higher compared to today.

We didn’t have SomniumWEB yet and Somnium Space VR wasn’t that accessible at all for most of us, also performance wise and community size it was still in it’s very early baby shoes.

Still I believe 30+ participants walked as a group from the city center VR spawning point towards the ‘Take me to the Moon’ gallery while all of this it was streamed live on social media.

To the question why am I dong this ? In fact I believe the same reason I had back then is still valid (in fact even more today then ever) and that is: Why would I build solo exhibitions for myself only ? Ok sure, the fame and attention are nice when you can present your own creations and when sales happen that’s perfect. But it’s just more fun with more souls together. I mean, I guess I always compare this with the experiences I have had in the years before covid happened.

I used to do some regular exhibitions before but when I went to psytrance festivals in summertime all over Europe and joined the group exhibitions there while doing some live painting or even provide VR experiences in the gallery, what happened was you could mingle with the artists present on site and it truly felt as one big family, one happy bunch, doing what they do, just because they love it.

I think I very much would love to see this vibe continue, you know? Keep on connecting with likeminded wizards, even if it would be only in the digital world, I think I just refuse to let this part of life die right?

My future plans for the cryptospace in general is keep on building this vast gallery network in Somnium Space VR, both solo and group exhibitions. Keep on organizing events such as these with crypto artist AMA, charity events, virtual festivals, treasure-hunts, etc. Think also crypto avatars shops, crypto vehicles – wearables, etc.

What can visitors expect from this new exhibition? Any things you want to mention/highlight?

Well what I am aiming at is to provide a nice balanced mix with some bigger names, crypto OGs if you wish since these are the guys that enabled this entire world right? And added to this some artists that have only just entered the space and in fact everything in between.

While doing this I noticed when I curate I can only have pieces in the galleries that vibe with my personal taste so the contents will always have influences from the psychedelic, the visionary and the cyberpunk scene leaning towards the new technological mindset – including AR/VR anything XR really.

Needless to say there always is the power of the message the artist embedded in his or her works that is the main focus, so that’s eventually why we like to do these events where artists can speak about their contents creating a direct bond with the visitor / collector.

May 26, 2021

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