NFT Artist Highlight: @art_ofbitcoin

Magnificent view of the lake and the city center. Beautiful path crossing the park and an incredible floating island. Guess where we are. Somnium Space. Butterflies are flying around. We are in the studio, and @Artific is interviewing @art_ofbitcoin tonight!

@art_ofbitcoin comes from Germany and studies law, but she would love to be a full-time artist. She has been devoting to art for five years. “To create art is my favorite thing,” she says. @art_ofbitcoin is a painter who went through different techniques, and after all, she got stuck with a spatula. She loves that for a plastic structure like the relief surface. Do you also see the unique depth in her paintings? “It’s really three-dimensional,” she adds.

How does she come to NFTs? @art_ofbitcoin started to learn about crypto quite early in 2017. The first time she heard about NFTs was at the end of the last year 2020. In March 2021, she joined the NFT community. “I love doing art, and I love learning about crypto so I could combine it. It was fascinating,” she says.

In this space, @art_ofbitcoin’s art is about portraits that can show so much more than just a face. “One look can show more than just a thousand words,” she thinks. Each portrait shows a different character in a different situation. For example, Elon Musk smoking a joint. Yes, you can see, art_ofbitcoin likes to provoke a little bit, which is brilliant, I think. She painted him during the interview with Joe Rogen. “That’s a situation where we are stressed. He is you. He is a person,” she says. @art_ofbitcoin loves Elon seems down on the Earth. And that’s what she loves about crypto people are so close to each other. The other painting where Elon Musk is praying for bitcoin is a little bit different. This portrait she painted according to a photo from the internet. “He seems a little bit humble,” she adds. art_ofbitcoin’s latest piece is called Brian. Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase, and she painted him when Coinbase was going public. She wanted to make the eyes as clear as possible to express the power in his view. Can you see that? What do you think about powerful people in the crypto world?

You cannot overlook that art_ofbitcoin loves to use neon colors, which express emotions. “That’s what I really want to show with my artwork. So you have really expressive emotions.” She always uses a square canvas 50 x 50 cm, approximately 20 x 20 inches. First, she paints the face according to some fun portrait photo. It shows good expressions. Then she goes to the background, which she keeps simple just with one or two colors. After painting, she takes a picture with her camera Canon EOS 6D. She doesn’t use a scanner.

We are at the end of the interview and @art_ofbitcoin is talking about love to the community. Everyone comes from another platform or another topic. Everyone does something completely different in life. You can make friends totally from foreign countries. Everyone comes together and has a good time here.

Artific is closing the interview and leaving the studio to take a ride across Somnium Space.

If you have any questions, you can message @art_ofbitcoin directly.

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