Calling All Artists!

Something is brewing at Hotz House in Somnium Space!

Blake Hotz, virtual dj and founder of Hotz House, is starting a new NFT initiative called “HotzBox”. Through HotzBox, Blake Hotz will be partnering with artists to raise funds for Notes for Notes, a non-profit specializing in youth music education, and to support the online art community.

“HotzBox is a treasure chest of NFTs curated from creators around the world. The Box will be minted and transferred to Ashley Kerns (Notes for Notes’ organizer) where she will hold the auction.

The creators hold their NFTs until the HotzBox is purchased- that is when the artists will transfer their NFT to the purchaser’s wallet. 50% of funds raised are going to the artists and 50% is going to Notes For Notes upgrading technology!”

Blake Hotz, Hotz House Founder and Somnium Space Creator

With HotzBox, Hotz House is about to take teamwork to a whole new level. We hope this is the first of many HotzBox projects.

If you are an artist who’d like to participate, please contact Blake on Discord at ImBlakeHotz#8008. Join the Somnium Space Discord at to stay up-to-date on this and other community events and ways to get involved.

Oly is an interdisciplinary musician, writer, gamer and explorer.

Follow her on Twitter and watch her new music video, “Just Like This”, filmed in Somnium Space VR with her Ready Player Me avatar!

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