Somnium Space Road2TLO Recap: 57 Assets Sold for $457,000 USD
Land Offering

Somnium Space Road2TLO Recap: 57 Assets Sold for $457,000 USD

The first week of Somnium Space’s Tertiary Land Offering (TLO) is almost over, and there are three more weeks on the way!

There were some nail-biting moments as bidders lined up for a precious piece of Somnium Space’s highly immersive metaverse world.

Up for auction this week were land parcels, Somnium Worlds, avatars and a kayak. As of the writing of this article, 57 assets totaling $457,000 USD have been sold. Profits will go towards operations to enhance the already highly-immersive and realistic open world of Somnium Space. Let’s take a look at some of the assets sold this week:

Somnium Worlds

Small worlds offer 75mb of capacity, while medium worlds have 200mb and XL worlds offer 500 mb.

Somnium Space Worlds are fully programmable and customizable independent Virtual Reality instances which can be created by using Somnium Space SDK. Each World is represented by a blockchain token (NFT) and lets you build, script and monetize entire worlds. Drop a world’s blockchain token on a Somnium Space parcel to make a portal where everyone can enter the world it contains.”

Somnium World description on OpenSea 

Land Parcels/Estates

Land parcels come with building credits to build just about anything you want in Somnium Space. They come in small, medium, and XL. Estates are groups of parcels, one of which sold for 44.5 ETH, or $94,000 USD, this week.

Artur, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, overlooking a group of parcels during a Somnium Space sunset.

“Winter” Avatar

“Winter is often seen as a cold and dreary, until you meet her. Shes light on her feet, and refreshing like a cool winter breeze.” 

“Winter” description on OpenSea

Winter, designed by Jaco Coetzer, sold for 1.01 ETH, or $2,100 USD, this week. She is 1/1, and came fully rigged and ready to go in Somnium Space VR. 


Somnium Space’s VR kayak, number 11 out of 25, sold for 5.05 WETH. The kayak is designed for rowing or floating on Deep Oasis Lake in Somnium Space.

There are still 3 more weeks to come! Invest in a Somnium Space parcel, world, or avatar of your own and become a Somnium Space citizen yourself!

Oly is an interdisciplinary musician, writer, gamer and explorer.

Follow her on Twitter and watch her new music video, “Just Like This”, filmed in Somnium Space VR with her Ready Player Me avatar!

Check out her other projects at

July 11, 2021

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