E-Sports Watch Party: Nativz, Somnium Space Based Esports Team, in the TESD Semi-Finals

Today, Sunday July 18th, at 5pm GMT+1 (6pm CEST), NativzSomnium Space based esports team – will be playing in the semi final of the TESD (Telia Esport Series Denmark). You can follow the action live on Somnium WEB parcel 2782.

Established in 2021, we’re a team of Nativz. We’ve all experienced the rise of the internet, the evolution of our devices, the connectivity of social media and the explosion of gaming – with a global view of what’s possible, our adventure into gaming starts in the virtual world, the metaverse – our home base that’s accessible to everyone.

From the Nativz website

You can read more about Nativz in this article: Nativz: Playoff Time For The First Esports Team Born in the Metaverse

The road to the semifinal has been convincing to say the least. The group stage ended in a 7-1 one score (7 wins, only 1 loss) and last Sunday, July 11th, they wreaked havoc on Havoc (pun intended) with a 3-0 victory in a best of 5 match.

Join the Watch Party in Somnium WEB

You can follow the semifinal live in Somnium Space in the Big fan stadium on parcel #2782. The match starts at 5pm GMT+1 or 6pm CEST.

Simply join by following this link:

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