Upload Custom Ready Player Me Avatar to Somnium Space

Having a unique identity in the metaverse is important. Your metaverse identity is how you express yourself digitally. It’s how other players recognize you and get to know you. This is why so many people spend thousands of dollars (and crypto) to maintain their own unique identities with avatars.

Ready Player Me avatars, created through Wolf3d’s generator, provide custom avatars based on selfie pics – for free! They come fully rigged and operable across many platforms, including Somnium Space. Here is an updated tutorial to show you how to upload your Ready Player Me avatar into Somnium Space’s PC Client:


Somnium Space Unity SDK Step-by-step Instructional PDF:

Wolf 3d Ready Player Me Selfie-based Avatar Generator:


Blender 2.93.2 


Unity 2019.2.4f1 


Somnium Space SDK v_0.3.6:


Somnium Space 2d/VR/PC Client Launcher:


Original tutorial (for reference):

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