Somnium Events: Never Miss A Somnium Space Event Again
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Somnium Events: Never Miss A Somnium Space Event Again

An exciting new website was announced today: Somnium Events, a one-stop resource for all events in Somnium Space Metaverse. Developed and operated by Deep Oasis Solutions, it promises to solve the questions many community members and newcomers alike asked themselves: What events take place in and around Somnium Space and not the least, when do they take place and how can I join?

Somnium Space is growing fast and so does its community. Adoption also means that more and more events are being organized, which is truly good news. But it isn’t always easy to get a good overview of everything that is going on in this VR wonderworld.

Somnium Events will change that; never again should anyone be in doubt how versatile a world Somnium has become and what goes on inside this parallel reality: Whether it be exhibitions, parties, meetups, conferences, shows, NFT drops, gaming events, live streams or any other conceivable activity.

Somnium Events

Each event on the site is a so-called ‘event card’, which tells you everything you need to know. What is cool is that the date and time of the event are listed in your local time zone. In addition there is a countdown clock that counts down to the start of the event.

Event cards.

It is very easy to figure out how you can follow the event as each event shows you a set of icons for VR mode, 2D mode, Somnium WEB and Live Stream. By clicking on the image or the little map icon the integrated Somnium map opens and shows you exactly where the event takes place.

Any event that has a location in Somnium Space can be found easily with the integrated map.

Share Events

You can share and tweet events directly from the site, which makes it really easy to spread the news. Each event has its own unique URL, so give that to people and they have all the event details at their fingertips.

Create Events

Somnium Events is a Dapp and you can connect your Metamask wallet. We’ve been told that only people with whitelisted addresses will be able to create events directly on the site. But eventually, this feature will be accessible for everyone.


Somnium Events:


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March 10, 2022

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