The Metaverse On The Slope Of Enlightenment
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The Metaverse On The Slope Of Enlightenment

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Written by Marc Demar

Initially, people tend to have inflated expectations of new technologies. What typically follows is a phase of disillusionment. Eventually however we get enlightened and begin to grasp the true potential. The pioneers among us keep developing, maturing the technology, and ultimately increasing our productivity. We will never look back.

I think the expectations regarding the Internet pretty much followed this path. Ultimately it has far exceeded anything people could have imagined, but the technology, like any other, had to mature as well. I remember my own enthusiasm in the (very) early days of the Internet, but also the light form of disillusionment when hooking up my 14K4 modem and watching images appearing on the screen, painstakingly slow. It was fascinating of course, but was this really going to propel us into the future? Well, it did. It has transformed society in ways that were far beyond my imagination.

It’s important to keep this in mind when we talk about the VR technology and the Metaverse. I sincerely believe that we’re on the “slope of enlightenment”. Pioneers are pushing the boundaries and we see people and businesses discovering the true potential of the technology.

Over the next years the technology will mature more and more and ultimately revolutionize society once again, providing new tools and platforms for productivity.

Is Somnium Space on that slope? Yes, I sincerely believe it is right behind VR and Blockchain, technologies on which it relies.

Describing the Metaverse as a technological revolution is one way, but what is truly mind blowing is understanding the Metaverse as a moment in time at which our digital lives­ – our online identities, experiences, relationships, and assets – become more meaningful to us than our physical lives.

It is not a scenario from a dystopian movie. If experiences, friendships and assets in the Metaverse are meaningful to us, it simply means they are. It is a logical consequence of humanity projecting itself further and further into digital space.

On our way on this slope of enlightenment you may still experience some hurdles, like lagging computers and way too chunky headsets. But make no mistake, we’ll arrive at the top and find ourselves in a new world, with new possibilities and opportunities.

We already see a glimpse of that in Somnium Space.

Welcome to the future.

Marc Demar
Marc Demar

A @somniumspace native, editor of the @somniumtimes,
believer in the future of decentralized, persistent, immersive VR, traveler, trader, writer

June 3, 2022

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