Meet BlockMuse: Explorer, Collector, Poet
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Meet BlockMuse: Explorer, Collector, Poet

NFT Art collector and poet BlockMuse is first and foremost an explorer looking for whys and hows. This manifested at the tender age of ten when he fixed his first computer, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (for those among us who are old enough to remember). Many years later, after having worked for global IT companies, he ventured into crypto. And now his explorer gene is manifested through his NFT art collections and his poetry, which are very much explorations into the human condition.

Ask BlockMuse a single question and chances are he will talk for five minutes straight. It illustrates his explorer mind, never leaving one stone unturned when it comes to explaining the topic at hand. He speaks passionately, and if there is one thing that shines through it is his strong empathy for fellow humans as well as his desire to taking apart and understanding the human conscience, human experience and relational aspect of human nature. His poetry is an exploration into that as well he says.

That BlockMuse is a poet is beautifully captured and expressed in The Milieu of Life – An NFT Performance on KnownOrigin. He calls it his magnum opus and for a good reason. One cannot help to be drawn into the performance and go on an emotional journey with him.

BlockMuse in The Milieu of Life on KnownOrigin

The collector BlockMuse is made of the same fabric. Exploring, and understanding human condition and emotion is the common thread. He’s always interested in the reason. He’s a root’s man he says. He wants to understand the context, the story of the artist. Or ‘the first half of the artwork’ as he so vividly explains it.

Like passionate, not like minded

Browsing through his collection on OpenSea, I notice many interesting works, including those from London based artist/producer Fifi Rong, Surreal Painter & Illustrator MCArtist (Maryanne Chisholm) and a host of gritty Visitors of Imma Degen avatars. He loves VOID. One of those avatars even made it into his Twitter PFP (profile picture). One with a rose in his mouth, a symbol for poetry BlockMuse explains. It’s a combined piece because the avatar is surrounded by a text in Arabic which reads:

Let creativity crash through the corners of your canvas as an ever evolving expression of your life’s lived learning’s

– BlockMuse

The phrase so beautifully illustrates the connections between life, with all its moments of beauty, but also challenges and hardship on one hand, and development and growth on the other hand. Ultimately, I believe, this is where the art lies for BlockMuse, in the space between life and expression.

He’s not a fan of all NFTs, not even close. The ‘buy my jpeg culture’ does not resonate with him at all. But that’s okay, he says. What we need to focus on is to be like passionate, we do not have to be like minded. It’s his main mantra.

BlockMuseSeeEM in Somnium Space

What does resonate a great deal with BlockMuse is Somnium Space, the open, persistent, blockchain based VR world. Not because it is necessarily perfect from the get-go. There are challenges to overcome, new technologies to be applied. But Somnium Space is at the forefront of Metaverse development. And that’s where he wants to be as well. Always exploring, looking for the next stone to turn.

So it is not suprising that BlockMuse chose this VR platform to build two of his venues: The BlockMuseSeeEM, a gallery that not only contains art, but is also art in its own right. ‘Gallery Art’ as BlockMuse phrases it. His other venue is the BlocTagon, a place for meetups and sessions.

Final words

BlockMuse does not only explore himself. He invites anyone to be an explorer. The Milieu of Life, for example, really made me think and reflect on my own personal journey in the crypto and NFT space. And about life in general. And when I browse his collections, watch his interviews, and visit his VR gallery, I can’t help to feel like an explorer, just like him.

An explorer of the human condition, of life, and of life’s lived learnings.




December 7, 2022

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