Somnium Space Presents VR1 Headset DevKit and Design at CES 2023
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Somnium Space Presents VR1 Headset DevKit and Design at CES 2023

Somnium Space announced that it will present the modular, open source Somnium VR1 Headset DevKit and show its latest design at the CES 2023 event in Las Vegas.

We are delighted to announce that Somnium Space will reveal its latest functional DevKit and final design of VR1 headset at CES at our booth nr. 15167Central Hall, Tech East. Visitors can have a look into the headset to test high resolution VR picture clarity and its state-of-the-art mixed reality camera modules quality and check the latest design.

– Somnium Space

Open Source VR Headset

That Somnium Space is working on developing its own headset was first announced during the Somnium Connect conference in Prague in 2021. In September 2022 this was followed by announcing partnerships with Prusa Research and Vrgineers to continue development.

Many software and hardware companies produce closed ecosystems. It allows them to control user experiences, prohibit use of non-approved soft- or hardware and generally just lock the owner or user, who is heavily discouraged to exit. This in contrast to open systems.

This is where the Somnium VR1 headset comes in, which will be fully modular, open source, modifiable and programmable. It finally puts the owner and user in charge when it comes to consumer headsets. It will accelerate development and allow users to truly own their gear and not feel trapped in any way; Somnium Space wants you to stick around because they have the best product and the best VR platform, not because you find yourself within a walled garden.

Images of the Somnium VR1 headset released by Somnium Space

What Else Do We Know?

Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, tweeted some interesting images that show the actual size of the VR1 headset compared to the Pico 4, iPhone 13 and Fold 3.

He can also be seen holding the VR1 headset. What becomes instantly clear is the small size, similar to the Pico 4. This is promising. The Pico 4 is generally regarded as a an excellent, lightweight and very comfortable VR headset.

The size, specifications, modularity and open source nature of the VR1, promises nothing short of a revolution in the VR hardware market. And for the first time, people can see for themselves at CES 2023.

Artur Sychov holding the Somnium VR1

CES 2023

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is the most influential tech event in the world and will be held in Las Vegas from Thursday January 5 until Sunday January 8.

Somnium Space will be there with partners  Prusa Research and Vrgineers at booth booth 15167, Central Hall, Tech East.


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December 23, 2022

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