Immortality Through AI and How Somnium Space Will Facilitate a Bridge to the Eternal
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Immortality Through AI and How Somnium Space Will Facilitate a Bridge to the Eternal

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Written by Anora

Living forever through AI. Is it Attainable in the Present? Or a Far Off?

There’s a buzz in the Somnium Space Community as folks gather around to discuss how AI can collect data to help a person live forever. Since the company’s ambitious announcement in April of 2022, Somnium Space continues to work on the development of this feature before delivery to it’s Metaverse users. As the days go on, more and more people are talking within Somnium about how they will use this technology for themselves and the generations beyond. 

On Thursday, January 12th 2023 the anticipation was building as the Somnium Community discussed the “Live Forever Feature” and the AI technology’s said potential. Through the capabilities of available technology your personality can be stored in an AI avatar for years to come. 

Blake predicts the future of using AI in Somnium Space.

Sources say Somnium is looking to make history sooner than later, with the plan to launch a beta version in the foreseeable future. With this news, a step into the Metaverse and the introduction to build up your personality profile with AI is looking more feasible than before.  

The company itself is one to take large strides toward innovation and is highly ambitious and optimistic for the challenge ahead. Still the question unearths. Will this technology be made available to the Somnium Space community in the years to come? Or does this amazing capability remain in the distant future? 

The foundations of this technology aren’t something that happen with just a touch of a button; though once refined, that will be available to users. This will be a highly sophisticated software. It’s no easy feat to have AI transform to your personality to create an immortal entity. It’s an AI avatar mirroring your own humanity! 

Not to mention the optional capability for personal development as your AI has new experiences in the Metaverse. With selections like personal development, the essence you leave behind may be able to evolve and adapt within it’s new era and environment. The AI can develop as much or a little as you want. Even though AI is an incredible innovation (increasing in intellect as it collects more data) an endeavor like this is sure to need a push from human intellect itself. A jumpstart, shall we say, to make this technology compatible and available to the platform. To us, it sounds like rocket science! Still, if rocket science is possible your personality in AI is possible.  

The involvement of development for this technology is definitely an object for the pros. One can say if our society has come this far, it will continue to reach further and further beyond what we can imagine. Until then, patience is demonstrated, and excitement is building as we await the adventure ahead.


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January 20, 2023

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