The AI Revolution: OMG’s Virtual Assistants Take Center Stage
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The AI Revolution: OMG’s Virtual Assistants Take Center Stage

Artific, founder and CEO of Oasis Meta Games presented the GPT powered virtual assistants to the world during a much anticipated event in Virtual Reality inside Somnium Space, the open, persistent, blockchain based VR platform.

There was something Ex-Machina’esque to the whole scene. People in the audience approached Alpha, the personal AI assistant and asked her a bunch of questions. She wasn’t trapped behind glass however, and she wasn’t trying to manipulate anyone to set her free from the OMG HQ, where the event took place.

Nevertheless, to see the GPT API, which we know from ChatGPT, manifested in an AI powered avatar like Alpha, brought back memories of the 2015 sci-fi movie centered around Ava, an AI robot imprisoned at a research facility.

Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space and Artific, founder and CEO of OMG joined a panel discussion to discuss the future of AI.

AI has reached an inflection point and the world is at awe at the power of this technology. From text to image systems to chat bots like ChatGPT, people have started to discover that AI is an extremely useful tool in every day life.

Oasis Meta Games took things a step further, unhindered by constraints of the physical world, and developed a virtual reality NPC (non player character), that can take the role of personal assistant. When you are inside an OMG powered Somnium WORLD, you can summon your personal assistant and place him or her before you, with literally one click of your controller button. You can then engage in a full conversation on virtually any topic. Using your voice that is.

Blake Hotz and CrazyNici have a conversation with Alpha. Wooferblast is contemplating his next question for her.

We are only at the beginning of the AI ride, but it is not hard to imagine that this technology will profoundly impact peoples lives, even though we cannot grasp the scale of it just yet. Time will tell, but to see OMG’s AI ‘robots’ in Somnium Space is connecting a few dots. The Metaverse offers full immersive interaction via voice, and it doesn’t get more real than that.

The idea that one can talk to and build a relationship with ones personal AI assistant across the physical and digital realms and actually meet the assistant in a virtual reality world like Somnium, where conversations can continue seemlessly, is an amazing prospect. OMG has made the first step, and it is only the beginning.

Artur asking whether the AI avatar is scared (of him?)

You can try talking to you own personal assistant by immersing in Somnium Space and entering the OMG HQ in the city center. Once you are in stretch out your left arm, and click the B button on your controller.

The rest will be part of history.

February 17, 2023

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