From Dreams to Reality: The Fascinating World of Somnium Space Web Worlds
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From Dreams to Reality: The Fascinating World of Somnium Space Web Worlds

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Written by Anora

There’s no stopping Web Worlds from emerging in Somnium Space. These PlayCanvas scenes are rolling out swiftly by way of Web Worlds Unity SDK. Since the Web World launch, creators and master builders such as SM Sith Lord (tune into his weekly Monday and Friday 6PM CET Somnium Space build streams to watch it unfold) are creating these highly immersive web experiences on the platform.

The cool part about these Web Worlds are their accessibility. Whether you’re building or just visiting one can view or craft upon a parcel from anywhere. With Somnium Web and Somnium Web Worlds anyone is able to experience the platform from any device with nothing more than the URL browser address.

With these additions to Somnium the platform continues to innovate and cultivate fantastic experiences from any web client. This highly valued feature of accessing these particular “works of art” on the platform from any device have made viewing and creating emerging Web Worlds quite fun!

And they are emerging in Somnium Space fast, with creators like SM Sith Lord imagining and building Web Worlds with each passing stream. Moments after the Web World is uploaded to Somnium, friends can see the masterpieces visualized and materialized.

The Technology

Web Worlds are really enhancing web users exploration and all around experience! Through the power of Somnium’s Web Worlds’ SDK, users can upload their builds from the provided template and test out their scenes in the PlayCanvas Web Editor. All you need is to own (or rent) a parcel to assign a web world to it. There is a sample Web Worlds provided by default to try. Once completed download the zip from the PlayCanvas Editor and upload to the web space. Lastly assign the parcel number to the URL for others to experience!

If you do need a play by play, I highly recommend tuning into the SM Sith Lord’s weekly builds to get an in-depth look about how the technology operates.

The Latest Web Worlds

Taking little trips to these fresh builds is so easy. Recently, I viewed a few of these builds myself, and with a touch of a button I was able to explore these Web Worlds instantly! No downloading, and hardly any ramp up time necessary. The accessibility and ease of entering these worlds truly showcase just how the Somnium Space platform delivers the innovations they promise.

Here are a few of the latest Web Worlds by SM Sith Lord, you’ll find how incredibly fun it can be to pop into these spaces!

Pro tip: When entering a Web World, you can select from a range of “Ready Player Me” avatars. Just click Settings, Change Avatar.

The Small World Stage, on parcel 2624

This scene definitely steals the show! Created using Unfold3Ds Peel to acquire optimized UVS for baking light using Arnold Renderer. With additional features added by an “AI Skybox from Blockade Labs.” This iridescent Web World is what dreams are made of. As planets orbit in the distance and mountains scales paint the horizon anyone who enters into this world will be truly mesmerized! A beautiful palate of gemstone colors, and golds line the atmosphere. While bright modern whites and blues decorate the stage scene. Discover your voice upon the dazzling triangular stage with neon pink accents. In this world you’re never alone, notice silvery chromatic NPCs reside in this amphitheater so there’s always an audience. I can picture many an electric Somnium meetup happening at this venue!

Empty Museum Hall, on parcel 2701

You’ll find this “Empty” Museum will illuminate any visitor’s imagination with the endless possibilities of it’s uses. This museum hall was crafted from scratch in 3Ds Max, this venue was lit using an AI generated skybox from Blockade Labs combined with the Play Canvas editor. Bright, cheerful, and futuristic this Museum Hall is lined with dozens of windows offering a generous amount of natural light. With silvery gray marble flooring throughout, this place truly glistens. I can’t wait to see what will come of this Web World.

Futuristic City Scene, located on parcel 3602

This futuristic city scene was created using “2GLBs from SketchFab and a AI generated skybox from Blockade Labs,” says Sith Lord. This industrial hanger or garage is home to a vibrant yellow hover craft. This space really sets a sleek vibe with its red and black accents throughout. It’s almost as though one is peering into the future dwellings for our vehicles of tomorrow, This location also boasts an amazing skyline view of the city, which I might add to be one of my favorite elements!

Modern Apartment, located on parcel 2485

Take a tour of this piece of prime real-estate in Somnium. Now I don’t know how available it is, but it’s just breathtaking to view. A highly sophisticated, and modern apartment model. Whilst delivering a simplistic element that allows visitors to feel at ease in the space. Make your way across a exquisite hardwood floor, noticing the sturdy brick that frame stunning tall glass window panes. Complete with an entertainment area with living room, dining set, and spacious sleek kitchen. Above sits a modem and fresh loft style dwelling with access from sturdy modern metal staircase. The elements and textures added to this apartment are truly thorough. If I were ever to live in a loft in the city this would be the one I’d be dreaming about.

The Power of Web Worlds.

The Web Worlds are an example of innovation and forward thinking. Showing that the Somnium Space platform really believes in cultivating a decentralized technology experience for everyone, anywhere. Web Worlds can be built, viewed, and experienced 100% through mobile browsers. This modality of Somnium Space is a just another extension of what the platform stands for, that art and creativity be made available, and that the creators get to make fundamental influences wherever they find themselves. With whatever technology is available to that individual.

Somnium is not an exclusive platform. Rather inclusive. Not only for those with a VR headset. While the best immersive experiences are without doubt in VR, Somnium can actually be experienced everywhere by everyone with a web browser. To think, the Somnium experience is accessible from the street, café, bus, and train! Really anywhere you choose! I can only imagine the technology’s future if it’s already come this far!

More Info

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April 6, 2023

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