Dreamships Launch Event: Sailing to A Dream
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Dreamships Launch Event: Sailing to A Dream

Written by Anora

Winds are blowing, the tides are shifting, and a new sun is on the horizon. A fair day to set sail and venture out to every corner of the earth. The sails are hoisted and the map has all its markers to route one amazing adventure.

The seas of Somnium are about to be full of noteworthy voyagers (more like NFT artists and buyers). Join the Somnium and other Web3 communities on May 2nd for an amazing event celebrating the launch of the Dreamships Blueprint on Asyncart.

Event flyer for the Dreamships launch event on May 2nd

The event takes place in a Somnium Web World on parcel 590. It’s a place where dreams become a cross-reality inter-connective feat. Make sure to join this Web Event as one event attendee will win a free NFT worth 0.15 ETH! To win make also sure to pay close attention to the contest details in their tweets.

The event, organized by VrVenues, expert in Somnium Space Metaverse events, and the Dreamships project is a collaborative effort to realize a dream of all dreams by Sail the Stars.

Sounds exciting enough, any fusion of technologies and art is exciting in and of itself. Yet this creation calls for a deeper dive, a dive into the sea of pioneering, innovation, community and dreams.

Sail the Stars

It all begins with Sail the Stars, a dream to obtain a large majestic expedition style sailboat. With the hopes to invite leaders, artists and wisdom keepers from all over the world to use the magic of adventure to unite those very people. Bringing out their genius to co-create videos and educational courses that inspire people to re-connect to themselves. An adventure that would lead those to follow their heart, live their dreams, and to share that with the world.

Deeply rooted in innovation and adventure the organization is dedicated to inspiration, healing, and uplifting people around the world. And all that while working towards their main purpose, a global ocean sailing trip across the seas. In addition to taking on ocean clean up as they journey their merry way.

Natural Warp (Co-Visionary at Sail the Stars) recounts the grass-root beginnings, to where they find themselves today:

“Somewhere in the middle of 2021 I was contacted by AltVRat and he told me about Kacper, who wanted to realize a dream to sail around the world with a sailing ship, invite artists on it and create inspiring content with it.”

He continues,

”I immediately joined and sometime in the fall of 2021 I gathered 51 artists willing to participate in this project.”

The collaborator recounts the evolution of the idea of Dreamships and how NFTs would play a factor into getting their “boat afloat.” They’d start by making a template and giving it to all artists to build a generative NFT project. From there, through the Asyncart platform Sail the Stars will publish a blueprint allowing anyone to generate a one of a kind NFT Dreamship.

It sounds simple enough, but how does this all tie together? Natural Warp dives even deeper:

“The idea is to distribute the proceeds that are automatically distributed directly with the help of the Asyncart platform : 50% to the artists and 50% to the purchase of the boat.”

With an expedition to sail around the world, the crew knows they’d need a top notch vessel, and with backing from Kickstarter, private investors, and now an NFT project on the blockchain they may very well be sailing off into the sunset.

“This ship is built to sail the entire planet along any route, i.e. from climates in Antarctica to the equator, as well as extreme places such as Cape of Good Hope etc…The ship houses about 12 to 15 crew + guests. And is therefore extremely suitable for this project.”, says Natural Warp.

Behind the organization are some highly ambitious crew members, the masterminds behind the dream. Among them we find Artist and Vision Coordinator, Somnium’s very own Natural Warp (George Hoeylaerts), Sail the Stars Co-Visionary Kacper Maciej Postawski as Team Lead and Sailor, and Calista Rocket as Producer, just to name a few. Finally, to set sail in style, Pete Madeij will be Advisor and Professional Expedition Captain. This group will work tirelessly preparing and building in anticipation for this dream of sailing the world and enriching the lives of others along the journey.

It all comes together. The dream of sailing our earth’s ocean will come to fruition by way of passion and tenacity of the outstanding crew of Sail the Stars, amazing support from private investors, and of course, Dreamship NFTs. Blockchain magic at its finest. Art fueling a dream and paying it forward to those supporting the art.


The Dreamships are a generative collection of 3000 ships containing dazzling new worlds and radical ship designs from the ingenious and illustrious minds of 51 of the world’s top Crypto Artists. As an owner of a Dreamship, holders can expect perks along the line of : revenue sharing from the project, rewards and discount, NFT staking for social currency rewards, and A1 sized physical poster printing.

Don’t miss this opportunity utilizing art and crypto, in a community effort to funding this epic sailing expedition. With support from holders of Dreamships, Sail The Stars can obtain their vessel, outfit it with satellite internet and proper technologies to navigate the great seas, and fund high caliber video recording equipment for capturing their adventures along the way. Sail the Stars has big plans for it’s future and the amazing community they’re building. Once the ship is at sea Sail the Stars plans to onboard visionaries, artists, and adventurers along the way to use the “incredible challenge of sailing to bring epic people together and create stunning art and video that inspires people to live life to the fullest.” Fast forward, once value is created with stunning content the revenue generated from these thrilling scenes will be shared with all initial supporters of the project for the entire life-time of the project.

An amazing endeavor with endless possibilities for sailors and Dreamship NFT supporters alike, stunning parallels of exactly how blockchains are changing tides all around: Building communities, and cultivating true visionaries.

Here at Somnium Times we’re looking ahead to what is in store for Sail the Stars and all involved, a thrilling adventure awaits.


Now, time to set sail. Bon Voyage! See you at the Dreamships Launch Event on May 2nd, 21:00 CET. You can board via this link: https://somniumspace.com/parcel/590

One attendee of the Web Event will win a free NFT worth 0.15 ETH.


Dreamships on Asyncart: https://async.market/blueprints/63e53dfdbe975192bbb88e09/sail-the-stars-dreamships

Sail the Stars website: https://sailthestars.com/home

Sail the Stars twitter : https://twitter.com/Sail_the_Stars

VrVenues on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VenuesVr

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May 1, 2023

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