Somnium Space 3.0: A Revolutionary Leap into the Future of Virtual Reality
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Somnium Space 3.0: A Revolutionary Leap into the Future of Virtual Reality

Today Somnium Space published a Medium article, which gives a detailed preview of the upcoming Somnium Space 3.0 update.

In the world of virtual reality, there are mere updates, significant upgrades, and then there are transformative revolutions. Enter Somnium Space 3.0, not just an update but a game-changing revolution poised to catapult the platform, its vibrant community, and VR experiences into an unprecedented era. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, Somnium Space continues to lead the pack, redefining the very essence of immersive digital experiences. This cutting-edge platform is on the brink of reshaping how VR is perceived, introducing novel layers of productivity and creativity that will undoubtedly redefine the virtual reality landscape.

While our excitement might seem boundless, it’s with good reason. Let’s delve into some of the remarkable highlights of this update. To grasp the full extent of its magnitude, we invite you to explore the official Medium article, where you can truly appreciate the depth and breadth of this extensive update.

One thing is certain, the Somnium Space team has dedicated countless hours and doubled their manpower to bring this vision to life. The result is a comprehensive overhaul of every aspect of the platform, introducing groundbreaking features and enhancements that will captivate both new and seasoned users alike.

Unity Version Upgrade

One of the most significant changes in Somnium Space 3.0 is the upgrade to Unity 2022.3 (LTS). This shift unlocks a wealth of new features for world builders, leading to more intricate, realistic, and immersive virtual worlds. Moreover, this upgrade opens doors to new possibilities, including compatibility with Apple’s visionOS, allowing Somnium Space to work seamlessly with cutting-edge augmented reality headsets.

Overhaul of the Launcher

The Somnium Space Launcher has also undergone significant upgrades, introducing a new Worlds menu that provides a comprehensive overview of ongoing interactions and social features that make staying connected with friends seamless and effortless. The new Avatar window allows users to preview avatars before entering VR sessions, enhancing personalization.

The Worlds Menu in the new Launcher.

Immersive Fidelity and Quality

The Base Reality World has seen extensive updates and optimizations, resulting in a visually stunning and performance-optimized environment. From the reworked city center to the enhanced weather system with volumetric clouds, falling snow, and dramatic thunderstorms, Somnium Space is pushing the boundaries of realism and immersion.

Somnium Space entices users with its VR-first approach and captivating immersive experiences, making it a prime destination for virtual reality enthusiasts. The Somnium Space 3.0 update reinforces this commitment, elevating the platform to new heights of immersion and inspiration. With 3.0, the virtual world boasts unprecedented depths, capable of overwhelming and truly inspiring its visitors.


The Marketplace is undergoing a transformative shift, becoming decentralized and powered by CUBE, Somnium Space’s utility token, on Polygon. This change empowers creators, allowing them to mint and monetize virtually any item, script, or service, while maintaining full control over their possessions. The introduction of the Creator Royalties system ensures that creators are rewarded fairly for their work over time, fostering trust and security in every transaction.


To further empower creators, Somnium Space is expanding the capabilities of Somnium Unity SDK, enabling full-scale scripting in Somnium Space Worlds. This allows users to create and customize their virtual instances like never before, opening up opportunities for game developers to bring their creations to life within the unique environment of Somnium Space.

VR Tablet and New Camera App to Power VR Videographers

The new VR tablet in Somnium Space 3.0 offers a dynamic and user-friendly experience, featuring an array of apps, including a powerful camera app with advanced settings, drone mode, and real-time post-processing effects. This feature enables users to capture and document their virtual reality experiences with unprecedented control and flexibility.

One of the most exciting new features is ‘drone mode’, allowing users to spawn up to 10 drones, providing a bird’s eye perspective and allowing anyone to capture expansive aerial shots.

From basic and advanced camera modes, multiple camera setups, and camera transitions, to per camera post-process control, hand shake effects, camera follow and look at targeting, additional camera light, per camera layer filtering, and camera remote drone control — we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with the Somnium VR Tablet Camera, catering to every video maker’s needs. This exciting feature promises to transform the way you interact with, and document, your virtual reality experiences.

Somnium Space


The introduction of the Wearables System allows users to dress their avatars with virtual clothing items, offering a personal touch to their virtual personas. The system supports physics-based clothing that reacts dynamically to avatar movements, further enhancing immersion. The integration of NFTs with wearables creates a new paradigm for virtual ownership and economy.

Socialize, Connect, Integrate AI

Somnium Space’s new Social System facilitates deeper interactions in the virtual realm, allowing users to create private and group chats, video call between users, and explore the virtual world with an intuitive real-time map system. Furthermore, the AI research and data system, along with the Experience Data Format (EDF), empowers users to securely collect and share data allowing for the integration of machine learning and AI models into their VR experiences.

The AI-related features mentioned in the article serve as a pre-cursor to the highly anticipated ‘Live Forever Mode Alpha,’ scheduled for release later this year. The integration of AI holds immense potential, not just within Somnium Space but in various other applications as well. The limitless possibilities offered by AI within this virtual realm excite both developers and users alike. The upcoming ‘Live Forever Mode’ promises to push the boundaries of virtual experiences, making them more dynamic and engaging than ever before.

Body Tracking

The 11 Point Full Body Tracking (FBT) capabilities provide a new level of precision and realism to VR interactions, enabling users to customize tracking points and movements for a more natural experience. Additionally, the introduction of the PC Desktop Control App turns the virtual space into a customizable, multi-screen control room, bridging the gap between physical and virtual worlds.

Somnium WebXR Client

In the Medium article, Somnium Space also announces an significant upgrade to the Somnium Web Client: Somnium Web Client 3.0. It promises a lot of improvements, which is great news as the Somnium Web Client, allowing for accessing any parcel in Somnium Space from virtually any device, plays a pivotal role for many users.


With the upcoming Open Beta scheduled for Q4 2023 and a Closed Beta in September, Somnium Space is on the brink of an exciting new chapter. The V3.0 update brings transformative features that revolutionize how VR is experienced, opening doors to endless possibilities for creators and users alike. As the virtual reality landscape continues to evolve, Somnium Space is steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of SocialVR and digital interaction, inviting users to join them on this remarkable journey into the next generation of virtual experiences.

This article’s list only scratches the surface, and each announced feature update could warrant its own article. We definitely will explore these updates more thoroughly in the future, but for now we encourage you to immerse yourself in the Medium article and let your imagination envision a journey into the future of the Metaverse.

Medium post:

About Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform that allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications. The platform is committed to building a decentralized and immersive VR world that offers users a unique and engaging experience.




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July 30, 2023

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