Cultivating Meaningful Connections: Somnium Space’s Vision for the Metaverse
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Cultivating Meaningful Connections: Somnium Space’s Vision for the Metaverse

The Metaverse, an evolution from the foundations of Web 2.0 shaped by social media platforms, streaming services, and e-commerce giants, is set to revolutionize our digital interactions. Our trusty smartphones have become indispensable tools, enabling us to seamlessly share on social media, stream content, shop online, and so much more. However, as we navigate this ever-connected world, our constant consumption of digital content has begun to exact a toll on our attention spans and overall mental well-being. It’s why a remarkable resurgence of interest in “dumbphones” is gaining traction, particularly among the discerning Gen Z demographic.

But amidst this complex landscape, Somnium Space is a platform where the focus isn’t on frivolous entertainment, but rather on creating meaningful connections. As we find ourselves tethered to technology throughout the day, an outcome we once hoped would lead to reduced working hours, heightened productivity, and a more balanced, stress-free life, Somnium Space offers great new opportunities.

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Mrs. Slunéčková, Czech painter

Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, actually offers valuable insights in this regard. She suggests that technology should provide enriching experiences, rather than mere passive consumption in front of a device. If we aspire to enjoy our time in the Metaverse without isolating ourselves from the real world, our focus should be on fostering experiences that don’t necessitate drastic measures like cutting off access, akin to what some are doing with dumbphones today. This should be an environment where frivolity takes a backseat, and users can forge meaningful connections through learning experiences and work-related activities.

Somnium Space provides precisely this experience. Within its virtual realm, we witness the blossoming of genuine friendships, ones that transcend the digital boundaries. These friendships cultivated in Somnium Space effortlessly extend into the physical world, exemplified vividly during the Somnium Connect conference held in Prague a few years ago. At this remarkable event, numerous Somnium residents met face-to-face for the first time, and the warmth of their interactions was nothing short of remarkable. They greeted one another as though they had been lifelong friends, a testament to the deep connections forged within the virtual realm. In truth, they shared a multitude of memories from their adventures in the virtual world, which had enriched their bonds beyond measure.

As we witness the emergence of Web3, it’s crucial to consider a more benevolent approach to user well-being. Instead of fixating on user engagement and sheer numbers, developers should emphasize the creation of meaningful connections.

The beauty of the Metaverse lies in its diversity; it’s not a single monolithic entity. Instead, it promises interconnectedness between multiple virtual realms. Here, developers and users have the power to collaboratively build immersive environments that cater to the communities that inhabit them.

Caution should prevail when considering the direction of the Metaverse and its overarching vision. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, once remarked in 2017 that when you create a compelling TV series, you’re essentially competing for people’s sleep. Competing for something as fundamental as human rest raises ethical questions. If this is the vision for the Metaverse, it might not achieve the widespread adoption its proponents desire. As it stands, an increasing number of individuals are opting to curtail their screen time.

In a world where technology continues to evolve and become omnipresent, there could emerge a market for devices that provide respite from screens, thereby preventing burnout. Perhaps these two markets will coexist harmoniously, allowing everyone to find their place within them. With technology’s relentless march forward, the need to disconnect from it becomes ever more apparent.

Nevertheless, Somnium Space is at the forefront of driving forward a digital future that centers around meaningful connections and user well-being within its open, decentralized, and persistent Metaverse. This is not something to shy away from; it’s an opportunity to embrace and explore, as it has the potential to profoundly enrich your life.

Inspired by an article from the SOPRG team, operating a gallery in Somnium Space metaverse. On behalf of the gallery – Milan & Gustavo.

September 9, 2023

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