Lex Fridman and Mark Zuckerberg In SM Sith Lord’s Web World
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Lex Fridman and Mark Zuckerberg In SM Sith Lord’s Web World

Written by Anora

In the realm of Somnium Space Web World creation, builders should aspire to forge something both interesting and captivating, bringing to life the visions that stir within their creative cores. While the term “interesting” may seem somewhat daunting for others who just feel the need to create and not impress, it is worth noting that within this metaverse, every creation bears the indelible stamp of uniqueness and interest, for it emerges from the minds of unique individuals. Be it a dazzling disco pulsating with rhythmic strobes or an elegant exhibit of contemporary artistry, every imaginative notion finds its home in Somnium Space. Whatever sparks your creative fire, you are free to bring it to life without constraint, there are no rules but the boundless freedom to CREATE.

Speaking of boundless freedom to create, SM Sith Lord, utilizes this notion to manifest incredible Web World creations. In a recent Web World building livestream, he described the process, stating, ”Today on the Friday Somnium Space build stream, I got a couple GLBs from SketchFab, an HDRI cube map from BlockadeLabs , and put them in a room with the Lex Fridman interview with Mark Zuckerberg on the wall.” Be it intriguing enough, let’s venture out and see what awaits:

As I entered the Web World Scene, I was immediately captivated by an astonishing sight. Right at the center of the scene stood a colossal Quest 3 HMD. The level of detail was mesmerizing, as if it had been crafted exclusively for a virtual reality adventure for giants. Witnessing the headset in a full 360-degree scale, complete with hand control models, was undeniably cool.

To the side of the space, I found exactly what I had anticipated—an interactive video display offering immediate access to the Mark Zuckerberg and Alex Friedman interview. Zuckerberg’s unmistakable visage waited expectantly behind the play button, creating an intriguing proposition. Visitors could situate themselves to view and immerse themselves in the conversation, experiencing it from within the Web World. This was more than just being a passive audience member watching on a phone or computer; it was an opportunity to be an audience through (and while exploring) the Metaverse.

The space exudes simplicity and modern vibes with its clean design. Shades of white, grey, and blue infuse a bright, contemporary atmosphere into the surroundings. The structure itself stands boldly, featuring steel accents and metallic walls, akin to a colossal Somnium garage. However, what truly captures one’s attention is the monumental VR Headset to the strategic positioning of the Zuckerberg interview. These elements seamlessly guide visitors from one neat attraction to another, inviting them to revel in the excitement of the space as an audience!

This world serves as a striking testament to the power of simplicity, demonstrating that even the most straightforward designs can leave an impact and points of interest. It showcases the boundless potential of Web Worlds, illustrating that they are canvases where anything that springs from your creative imagination can take shape. In this realm, creativity knows no bounds, and it encourages individuals to explore the endless possibilities that the digital landscape offers. It’s a reminder that in the vast virtual realm lay your opportunity to CREATE.

Visit the parcel for yourself on #3942.

For more information on how to create your own web worlds, see Somnium Space Web WORLDs: A Closer Look.

Also, an amazing resource is the two times weekly live web world session by SM Sithlord. Follow the live streams on Somnium Space’s Twitter every Monday and Friday at 6pm CET

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October 10, 2023

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