The genesis collection of Scenes of Somnium – consisting of ten unique NFT art pieces – is the actualization of Marcelo Simonetti’s believe that Somnium Space has intrinsic value and is a source of inspiration.  Inspiration that can propel us from apathy to possibility, and transform the way we perceive our own capabilities.

He embarked on a journey, immersing himself in this virtual wonderworld and capturing its essence through his art. The result of his pursuit is an amazing series of artworks.

“Scenes of Somnium” is a unique and enchanting view into Somnium Space, revealing its persistent depth and immersive richness and the artist’s emotional connection with the observed.

Exhibition & Market Place

Scenes of Somnium is exhibited at the Somnium Times Studio in Somnium Space, parcel #1346. Check the location on the Somnium Space map.

The Scenes of Somnium artworks are available on OpenSea, the NFT marketplace. They’re all unique 1/1 pieces, with each scene available in two signed versions: color and sketch.

The artworks are ultimate collectors pieces, artifacts that forever will commemorate Somnium Space’s beginnings, immersive beauty and revolutionary utility.

Put them on display in your virtual residence or print them on canvas to beautify your physical home. Either way, they are beautiful impressions of Somnium, constant reminders of what dreams coming to fruition look like.

Grand Opening and Go-Live on OpenSea

A great collection deserves a great drop. Therefore, get ready for the grand opening on October 30th, 21:00 CET (3PM EDT, 12PM PDT) at the Somnium Times TV Studio in Somnium Space, parcel #1346. The event will be held in VR/2D client.

Sale Rewards

In addition to acquiring amazing art pieces, you have a chance to get some really cool rewards. If you spend a minimum amount on Scenes of Somnium genesis collection artworks until November 7th, 2021, you qualify.

To claim your reward, join the Somnium Times Discord Server and post this message in the #scenes-of-somnium channel before November 15th, 2021: “I want to claim my Scenes of Somnium sale rewards”. We will then DM you to arrange the details.