Somnium Space is a magical VR world. It’s the Metaverse, a new realm, a parallel reality, an environment that can inspire aspiring and experienced writers alike. We believe it is a perfect setting for a brand new style of fiction.”

Marc Demar, editor of the Somnium Times

Immerse Yourself in Somnium Space

You can’t write good fiction without understanding the setting. Therefore, join Somnium Space (if you haven’t already done so) and immerse yourself in this magical Virtual Reality world. For the best experience, use a VR headset. But you can also use the 2D client or even visit parcels in Somnium Space via SomniumWEB. For the latter you only need a URL (take a look at this gallery for example). No matter how you join, let the world and the people inspire you to write captivating fiction.

Other great resources to get started:

  • This website. The Somnium Times is an in-world news agency. By reading articles and stories you get a good picture of what’s going on in Somnium Space.
  • Follow Somnium Space and Somnium Times on Twitter
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  • For an overview of the geography of Somnium Space, check this map.
Join us on Discord

Join our Discord server. Here we will post the latest info regarding the contests and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Use the #short-fiction or #ask-questions channels if you have questions.

Make sure you have Metamask installed in your browser

Somnium Space is built on the blockchain. All transactions are done in cryptocurrency and the same applies to the Short Fiction prize money. Therefore, make sure you have Metamask installed and you have created a wallet.

While it is not mandatory, you can also link your Metamask wallet to your Somnium Space account. This allows Somnium Space to check what NFT assets you posses. Via this method you are for example granted the right to build on the Somnium Space land that you own.

If you want to know more, check Somnium Space, Blockchain, Metamask, Coinbase and OpenSea: How it all works

Participate and win Somnium Cubes

Bookmark this page as we will update it regularly with new contests. Once a contest is open for submission, read the terms and start writing.

When you are ready to submit, use the form at the end of this page.

A jury will read all stories and pick the winners. The result cannot be disputed.

Winners will be announced during a live Somnium WEB event at the Somnium Times HQ in Somnium Space. Dates and times will be announced. After this event, winners will also be announced on Twitter and Discord.

We will also contact the winners via a DM on Discord. So make sure you enter your proper Discord name when submitting your story.

About Somnium Cubes

Somnium Cubes is Somnium Space’s utility token. You can use it to buy Somnium Space assets (such as land), pay for services and more. It is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token, which means it can be exchanged for coins including, but not limited to ETH, DAI and USDC. ETH, for example, can easily be exchanged for fiat currency on a so-called crypto exchange.

Again, to understand how it’s all connected refer to Somnium Space, Blockchain, Metamask, Coinbase and OpenSea: How it all works

Short Fiction Writing Contests

Sommnium Times Short Fiction is fiction that unfolds in the Metaverse. The term is typically used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.

Somnium Space is one of the destinations in the Metaverse. Practically, for our contests, we are looking for captivating fiction that have physical reality and virtual reality (Somnium Space) as its setting. In your stories you are allowed to combine both as long as it has a strong connection with Somnium Space. Stories may also unfold solely in Somnium Space with no connection to the physical reality.

We do not accept erotica/porn. Also, violent or gory content intended to shock or disgust readers will not be accepted.

Contest ID Contest Description Status Submit by Prizes
STSF-001Write a short sci-fi story that unfolds (mainly) in Somnium Space. It is allowed to mix physical reality with virtual reality as long as part of the action takes place in Somnium Space.

Max number of words: 3000

You can submit max 3 stories. If you submit more, only the first 3 submissions will be considered.
Closed for submissionSeptember 30th, 2021Grand Prize: USD 500 in Somnium Cubes + Publication on this website

2nd: USD 200 in Somnium Cubes

3rd: USD 100 in Somnium Cubes

Submit Your Story

Note that by submitting a story you grant Somnium Times the right to use it for promotion, publish it on the website, bundle it with other stories (and sell the bundles) or use it in any other way it deems appropriate. Somnium Times will always mention the author of any story it publishes.

Before submitting make sure that your discord name (join our discord server), email address, alias and the contest ID are on the first page of your story.

    Your Discord name

    Your email

    Short Fiction Contest ID

    You can submit up to 3 stories (total allowed file size is 5MB). Filetypes pdf, doc, docx, txt.

    I have read and accept the terms as described on this page.

    If you have an issue with submitting your story, reach out to us on Discord in either the #short-fiction or #ask-questions channel.

    Let’s dream, let’s write beautiful stories

    The Somnium Times is your reliable source of news from @SomniumSpace #Metaverse and 100% community driven. We strive to bring you the best news, tutorials, event recaps, interviews and more in the entire Metaverse.

    For inquiries and questions, reach out to us on Discord (#ask-questions channel) or send an email. We will respond as soon as possible.

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