Cyrille Bryand now in Somnium Art Gallery

Somnium Art Gallery has a beautiful new original watercolor painting from Cyrille Bryand on display. It is a great piece that shows the north eastern shores and bridges in Somnium.

“Land of Dreams #2”, Cyrille Briand, watercolor, A4, high quality paper
“He was mesmerized by the sun, casting its golden rays down upon the land and mountains. He knew this is where he wanted to be. In Somnium”

Cyrille Briand is a french watercolor painter and Illustrator. He lives at the seaside and his watercolors are often inspired by the ocean. For this painting he ventured to the northeast of Somnium and was overwhelmed by the stillness and the beauty of the landscape.

The watercolor has been scanned and tokenized and can be purchased on OpenSea from gallery owner Marc Demar. The painting is ideal for decorating your Somnium home or business. Great thing is that the buyer is also entitled to the original (real world) watercolor (A4 size). Shipment can be arranged after purchase.

Somnium Art Gallery close to town is a modern Scandinavian style structure that is characterized by clean lines and the ability to let in as much natural light as possible.

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