First ever cat shelter in VR

A Cypriotic cat shelter is currently under construction in Somnium Space. It’s an unexpected sight, this house in blue and white against the backdrop of the Somnium mountains.

Maria, a young Norwegian woman and one of the persons who initiated the project: “The moment you set foot on Cyprus soil, you will notice one thing. Cats! They are simply everywhere! Actually, there are more cats than people. It is not as strange as you might think as the first domesticated cats can be traced back to Cyprus, the Middle East and Egypt thousands of years ago”.

“Some cats are well fed, cared for and look lovely, but sadly the majority are stray cats. Many are malnourished, sick, covered in sores. That’s really heartbreaking!”

She continues: “Stray cats rely on volunteers to find them, feed them, bring them to vets, provide them with medicine and ultimately find them a family where they can live a happy cat life for as long as they live”.

Aurora is a wonderful, white princess. But she lives on the street and as a result of the burning sun she is developing skin cancer. Without treatment she will certainly die.

“To support this cause and promote awareness, the Cypriotic cat shelter is being erected in Somnium Space. It will be a center where all virtual cats (cryptokitties!) are welcome to come and play. In the meanwhile, human visitors can read about some wonderful cats who are in desperate need for help”.

When asked about why she believes a cat shelter in Somnium Space will make a difference, she smiles: “I didn’t know about Somnium Space until 3 weeks ago. The closest I’ve been I guess is playing Sims. But I’ve been catching up and I truly started believing in this idea, not in the least because of the fantastic community. I’ve come to the conclusion that VR will also play a huge role in the fundraising area. And what better place is there to start than Somnium Space?”

Fundraisers will be organized so that anyone who wants to help the volunteers and help the cats towards a great, happy life can contribute. Until then, you can already help Aurora via this link.

The location of the cat shelter.

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