Somnium CUBEs now on CoinPark exchange

Somnium Space is laying the foundation for a digital economy inside their virtual world by introducing the in-world cryptocurrency token ‘Somnium CUBEs’. It’s an Ethereum based (ERC20) token and will be listed and traded via ETH/CUBE pair on CoinPark exchange as of February 20th, 2020.

Whether you want to purchase Somnium assets – like parcels of land or teleporters – or buy assets created by other users, CUBEs will be all you need. And it goes further than that. You want to attend that electronic dance festival in Somnium Space and need a ticket? You are dying to see a movie in the cinema? Or perhaps want to rent a space in that cool new office building? Think CUBEs!

For more in-depth information about the background and the utility of Somnium CUBEs, read this.

To celebrate the public listing, CoinPark launched a ‘CUBE Listing Party’ with a total reward of 75,000 CUBEs.

For the details and terms, visit CoinPark.

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