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New Community Managers announced

As part of the public launch that happened on February 20th, Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, announced (on Discord) three new Community Managers: @palomedes, @snakebiteuk and @chrissbell.

Artur Sychov: “@palomedes backed Somnium looong time ago during first SeedingVR campaign, is a great VR ambassador, knows Somnium inside-out and is a very active VR user!”

“@snakebiteuk a very active Indiegogo backer aka parcel magnate! He loves VR, building in Somnium Builder and can help you anything regarding parcel locations or building tutorials!”

“@chrisbell is all about blockchain tokens, marketplace, tutorial videos and selling / buying parcels and Somnium Cubes. Ask him anything regarding your MetaMask wallet or if you need advise with purchasing items or parcels!”

Moreover Artur mentioned that more Community Managers will be announced soon and that Community Managers will be equipped with the much debated JailGun.

Artur Sychov: “Community managers will have a jail gun which they will be allowed to use on those who abuse, troll and harass other people. They’re not deadly guns, nor are there violent effects. It’s a tool purely to send people to jail where they will have time to cool down and think”.

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