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Record breaking auction of Abyssus CryptoMotors

On February 24th, 9:00 am CET, the auction on OpenSea of 5 special edition Abyssus Somnium Space CryptoMotors ended with record breaking winning bids. While one of the cars was sold to CashChris, investor in Bitcoin, Ethereum and more, for 5 Ether (at the time of writing the article roughly USD 1300), the remaining 4 cars were sold for 12, 13.5, 16, and 16.6 Ether respectively (equivalent to roughly 3200 USD, 3600 USD, 4270 USD and 4430 USD). These are record breaking prices for assets sold by Somnium Space.

The Abyssus Somnium Space edition.

To celebrate the official launch of Somnium Space, the company had teamed up with CryptoMotors_io and created a world’s first fully VR ready car on the blockchain.

The bids may have been influenced by a number of factors. One important factor is the general believe and trust in the Somnium Space platform, which has gone live recently and is delivering on the promises of being open, social and persistent VR world. Other factors are the rarity and the unique features of the Abyssus cars.

According to Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, it will eventually be possible to drive the Abyssus car. You can sit inside and hit the road inside Somnium Space.

Who doesn’t want to flash the Abyssus and tour the wonderful landscape of Somnium, visiting friends or take it for a drive to the mountains?

The record breaking bids didn’t go unnoticed by CryptoMotors either:

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