Carlos spent a record 12h inside Somnium Space

Carlos spent a record 12h inside Somnium Space

On February 23rd, 9:00 am PST (6 pm CET), Somnium Space member Carlos La Borde started his attempt to spent a record 12h in Virtual Reality inside Somnium Space. Eaxctly 12 hours later, on February 23rd, 9:00 pm PST (February 24th, 6 am CET), he successfully completed his quest, making this the longest uninterrupted immersion in VR that has ever been done.

His entire endeavor was being streamed live on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter and he could be seen roaming Somnium Space, sometimes on his own, sometimes accompanied by fellow Somnium Space members as well as founder and CEO of Somnium Space Artur Sychov.

Carlos meets Artur during is record breaking spell in Somnium.

Carlos climbed mountains, checked out other Somnium members’ builds, had a guided tour of Snakebite Rob’s museums of London history, climbed and slid down mountains, petted wild life, swam in the lake and much more. And all the while he was talking to his audience.

UPDATE 25.02.2020:

We talked to Carlos the day after his record 12h in Virtual Reality inside Somnium Space. When asked why he wanted to do this he said: “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I got really into Second Life like 9 years ago… wanted to see what it would be like to spend a day or even a month mostly in a massive, persistent, social VR world like the Matrix”.

We also asked him about the whole experience, the best and hardest moments.

“The hardest part was around hour 10 and on wards… just really exhausted and kind of delirious. But even then as things started to slow down there were some great moments.. like climbing a tall mountain at night and gazing out over the world.. watching the sunrise.. super relaxing”.

“In general I really loved people coming in to hang out, show me their builds, chat, run around the world… the social aspect is always super fun.. can’t wait til we have big parties with people coming in on Quests and such”.

“The two most magical moments for me were the second or third time I tried the planetarium… I was pretty fried, just chilling out, when I realized at one point there were stars all around me floating down and you could almost grab them.. that was pretty magical. Also when I discovered a huge new build by BallmersPeak, his stunning Somnium-styled nightclub castle… that was super exciting to explore.. also fun to see the chat lighting up as I went through it”.

February 23, 2020

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