Somnium Space: The power of immersion

One of the pillars on which Somnium Space rests is called immersion. The perception that you are actually present in this virtual world. It is not just because of the high resolution visual fidelity, the high quality scenes.

While visual quality is very important, immersion is invoked by a combination of factors. Second to none visual fidelity and simulation of real world physics; sounds, light, shadows, mechanics.  But it goes further than that. Hand tracking technology provides an even deeper emotional impact. Your brain simply believes you are there and remembers your Somnium Space experiences. Just like it remembers experiences in the real world.

The feeling of immersion is even further enhanced by the ability to create, build and express yourself. You are not just an onlooker staring at some pretty pictures in the distance. No, you participate in this world. You create and share. You explore creations of others.

As icing on the cake, Somnium Space is inhabited by animals. Birds are flying over your head, the great lake is the natural habitat of fish. There are deer, rabbits, mountain goats, bears, you name it. You can approach and pet them. Although you may want to take caution if you happen to run into a bear!

Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, has never concealed that immersion was and is an absolute cornerstone. Somnium is about immersion, about losing yourself in a vast, social, persistent, virtual world.

In Carlos La Borde’s record breaking 12h in virtual reality inside Somnium Space it became quite clear how strong these immersive effects are. Carlos was often overwhelmed by what he witnessed and experienced and was for a brief moment of time – if that can be said about a record breaking 12 hours – a true citizen of a parallel world called Somnium Space.

The images below are from Carlos’ vantage points. They give an impression, but do not do justice to the immersion. For that you simply need to travel to Somnium Space yourself. See you there!

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