Somnium architecture: Cool, creative, diverse

I have to say, in my wanderings around the world of Somnium Space, I have been very impressed with the quality of builds on people’s plots of land. The clever use of lighting, the neon blocks, the textures that are used and more. Let’s do a brief review some of some of the magnificent builds out there.

When this reporter built his museums, people were visiting them and mentioned how pyramidal they looked.

The London Museums of History

As the days went by and more builds started to appear in the Somnium world, people really started to show their building skills and their architectural designs. Take my first pick for review: A simple looking design of layers and lighting, but when seen up close and especially at twilight, the wonderfully creative design really stands out. The colors, lighting and pulsing neon’s around the build give the whole construction a wonderful, magical glow.

Experimenting with planes, neon and lighting.

The second build that caught my eye has to be the amazing XL build south of the town plaza. I love the way it does not conform to the traditional straight lines of a squarer build, but instead opting to show a more perspective design. The diagonal lines, the many different windows sizes along with the connectivity of walkways certainly make this build an interesting visit. I must further note the wonderful use of colored lighting here and its overall size, making this design stand out on the skyline.

Wonderful structure with neon and lots of glass.

If your like wooden structures, take a look at this build. A great design with “wood effects” with everything you need. From an al fresco eating area to covered decks and easy access living modules; this medium plot build has it all. I love the simplistic design and that is has a real character of its own. Who needs texture overlays with a build like this? Clearly not the designer of this great little build.

Simple, effective wooden build.

The final build I want to highlight is another one of your reporter, built on a medium test parcel. I simply want to show new and novice builders alike that you can make something that stands out with the simplest of textures and constructions. For this Greek/Romano build used the Somnium Builder as usual. I created a wall piece and stretched it, added the columns and gave it all a simple marble texture. The floor was a square cube which I stretched and gave the standard texture of a parquet flooring with red coloring. The roof was a simple triangular block, stretched to make it fit. Furniture aside and a few trees, that was it. With the sea view it really stands out.

The point? It’s easy, don’t hesitate and just get building.

Having fun with marble. Easy to make.

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