London Tour in Somnium Space: The future of education and learning is here

A historical moment: The first official London Tour in Somnium Space was held on March 18, 2020. Somnium Space member Snakebite guided a select little group of people, including Artur Sychov – founder and CEO of Somnium Space – through his virtual museum buildings, while telling stories about the long, rich history of the United Kingdom’s wonderful capital.

While the attendance was relatively small, the enthusiasm among those who joined more than compensated for this. Snakebite, a former London tour guide, is very knowledgeable and a skilled storyteller. It is easy to be drawn in by him.

Even more so, everyone understood the significance and that this tour in Somnium was a fascinating glimpse of Somnium’s bright future, not only as a social VR world, but also as a platform for education and learning.

While there are virtual reality apps for learning or hanging out with others, Somnium Space is unique in the sense that socializing, learning, sharing, building, gaming and doing business are inseparable and all happen under the sky of one huge, open, continuous and persistent VR world. Very much like we interact, learn and do business in the real world.

What Somnium Space offers is fundamentally different than jumping in and out of stand alone apps and experiences on your own or hop from ‘room’ to ‘room’ in social VR apps.

More than anything else, Somnium Space is a platform. A platform that allows people to unfold their creativity. A platform to meet, socialize, share, build and do business. That’s why this London Tour in Somnium is a historic event. It’s the result of one man’s initiative, Snakebite’s.

A tour created and designed by him, in the open and persistent VR world created by another. Artur Sychov.

A select little group of people were kind enough to follow me from panel to panel, listening to the information and historical facts of this wonderful city. It was a lot of fun… and they gave me some great feedback. Thanks for coming guys!

– Snakebite

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