Blown away by Somnium Space

When Somnium Space member Palomedes first entered Somnium 1.0 he was blown away as he puts it. The question is what comes after ‘blown away’ as his enthusiasm has gone up several notches with the release of Somnium Space version 2.0.

Palomedes, who goes by the name of Terry in real life, lives on the Kent coast in the UK. He has been in the Army, worked as a Security Manager for Prada, Louis Vuitton and was a Close Protection Officer.

He first got into technology when he received a Sincair ZX81 as a child. He used to enjoy making his own games (a skill he says he has since lost). Many years later, when his wife bought him a gear VR and he put on the headset he realized that despite the rudimentary experience, VR was here to stay.

When we ask him how he learned about Somnium Space and how he got involved he explains he was looking for a good investment opportunity, but that he unfortunately came across scams or people who promised you the world but failed to deliver. He also looked into investing in Metaworld, but felt this had zero chance of getting off the ground. Another opportunity he looked into was Decentraland, but decided it was not for him as he wanted a true VR world to immerse himself in.

Then along came Somnium Space. He did a lot of research and after emailing Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, he found out that unlike so many other worlds they had already built the first version of their VR world. He then talked with Artur in VR and became hooked on his vision.

This is what Artur said about Palomedes when announcing him as a Community Manager:

Palomedes backed Somnium looong time ago during first SeedingVR campaign, is a great VR ambassador, knows Somnium inside-out and is a very active VR user!

Palomedes really loves Somnium. And with that he also means the awesome community. He owns a total of twenty parcels, various height perks, one founders teleportation unit, two kayaks and a tent. He plans to open a 2nd Battalion Queens Regiment museum, an art gallery, a beach bar, to name a few.

As far as hardware is concerned Palomedes has an HP Omen and uses an Oculus Rift; his personal favourite being his Oculus Quest. He also ordered the link to use on his new laptop, a Lenovo Legion Y740.

VR is quite a thing in his family actually.

VR is a family hobby in our house and we also have two other Oculus Quests, two Oculus Go’s and two generations of gear VR.

When I ask him about where he sees VR and Somnium Space in two years from now he says:

I predict Oculus will become the number one VR manufacturer. I do not believe VR will be mainstream just yet, but people’s attitudes are changing towards VR so I do expect a lot more businesses to adopt VR for the work place. As regards to Somnium, this is not a prediction as such as it is already starting to happen, people will have offices and work in Somnium just like they do in the real world.

Thanks Palomedes – Terry – for letting us interview you.

See you in Somnium!

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