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Exploring animal life in Somnium Space

I have strolled all over the Somnium Space map and seen many fantastic builds. People are so amazingly creative. But Somnium is much more than buildings. While I roamed Somnium, I was also really amazed at how authentic the indigenous life looks.

I have been to many VR worlds and usually found really low poly creatures with triangular shaped noses and feet like little pyramids. Somehow, the immersive effect is just lost when you are among low poly, blocky elements – in this case animals – instead of in a VR scene that mimics reality. Also, or maybe I should say especially, when it comes to plant and animal life.

Somnium Space has gone great lengths to give you that real immersive feeling. We discussed this in the power of immersion article for example.

Take the deer. I love the fur of the deer’s pelt, the eyes, the muscle definition, etc. It’s so lifelike. The whole animal carries with it the feel of realism. It is not some blocky image passing itself off as an animal.

And then the bear. I can just imagine people using the Somnium Space tent with a nice campfire and then this chap comes wandering out of the woods. Again, realism in every part of Somnium Space. The animal is so well defined and created that you just want to stand alongside it and stroke it (which I actually did). Maybe a hint for the developers at Somnium, make it growl and rear up occasionally to make it even more impressive.

Another little friend in Somnium Space are our woodland bunnies. These sweet little creatures not only look the part but move like them too. They pop up and busy themselves peering around cautiously just like real thing. The developers really got their mannerisms off to a tee.

Along with the above woodland critters there are wild goat, fish in the sea, sharks and even an Octopus. Also, there are birds flying about and singing in the woods.

Somnium Space if not only full of people and their builds. It is full of life. Just like real life. That’s what gives you that real immersive feeling.

See you soon in this amazing world. Are you brave enough to pet a Somnium bear?

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