A wandering thought in Somnium Space

A wandering thought in Somnium Space

There are times in our lives when we sit back and take stock. Of our careers, lives, a particular situation. That’s rather common right? I had one of those moments recently. What was new was that it happened during one of my explorations in VR in Somnium Space. I was on Mount Proximat, the highest mountain in Somnium, when suddenly thoughts welled up in me: “What is this place? Where is it heading?”

I stood still and started to take in the views around me. And everywhere I looked I saw that this amazing VR world was buzzing with activity. Builds were popping up in all corners and I saw people – or should I say avatars – mingling, walking around and entering or leaving homes, offices and other structures.

All these builds were looking great and made me curious. I promised myself to check them out soon. What was impressive was the fact they were made with the 2D Builder tool. I could only imagine the architectural wonders that would see the light of day after the upcoming release of the Builder SDK, which would allow people to truly unleash their creativity and demonstrate their building and coding skills. But already now the intricacy of all the buildings and indeed this entire world were combining to show members and visitors alike the sheer limitless possibilities of a persistent VR world.

Could it be that Sommnium Space was igniting people’s creativity? That Somnium’s true value was in the way it would spark innovation and push it in totally new directions? In ways we could not yet understand?

As I continued my wanderings, I crossed a bridge in the North and paused for a brief moment to take in the view. I saw coastal designs, beach homes and other structures that were appearing on the many parcels, along with the misty outlines of many more structures beyond my clear view range.

I was quite overwhelmed, but while emotions washed over me I had one overriding feeling. I was simply proud. Proud to be part of this wondrous creation.

To early backers and new members alike, Somnium Space is opening new doors. It allows them to socialize, make new friends, do business, help them discover their potential and much more. And when I say Somnium Space, it represents a whole team, but ultimately it is one person’s dream. Artur Sychov’s, Somnium’s founder and CEO. This represents an important message in and of itself. That anything is possible if you dare to dream. That the biggest hurdle is not an external thing. It lies inside of you. And if you take this hurdle and believe, the sky is the limit.

That’s what Somnium is also about.

It is a bit like an Olympic torch being passed on. Artur ignited it, but by being part of the Somnium community, with its drive and enthusiasm, its desire to help develop and grow this VR world, we are all playing a part now and can push Somnium to ever higher levels by our initiatives and ideas that in turn will help so many people in so many new ways.

Somnium Space is a platform that will lead VR in a direction that will shape the future. It is not just about VR or technology. It’s about how it will impact people’s lives, skills, health, well-being.

Again, I am proud to be part of it.

Intrigued? Join me and the community in Somnium Space!

March 15, 2020

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