Somnium Space VR and Sansar: Crafting a Seamless Cross-Platform Metaverse Experience
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Somnium Space VR and Sansar: Crafting a Seamless Cross-Platform Metaverse Experience

In a groundbreaking collaboration, two of the most vibrant virtual reality (VR) platforms, Somnium Space VR and Sansar, have joined forces to create the ultimate cross-game experience.

With a shared commitment to open, interoperable, and decentralized VR, this partnership aims to revolutionize the way users engage, create, and transact within the Metaverse. This article delves into the exciting developments and features of this collaboration that are set to shape the future of virtual reality.

Unveiling the Partnership

On July 31st, a significant announcement shook the virtual reality landscape as Somnium Space VR and Sansar revealed their strategic partnership. This venture aims to bring together the thriving creative communities of both platforms, allowing designers, coders, party-goers, gamers, and socializers to seamlessly transition between the two worlds. The CEOs of Somnium Space VR and Sansar, Artur Sychov and Chance Richie respectively, expressed their shared vision of a user-centric Metaverse that empowers individuals to unlock their creativity and economic potential while retaining ownership of their identities.

Empowering User Creativity and Interoperability

At the heart of this collaboration is a commitment to user-driven creativity and interoperability. Both Somnium Space VR and Sansar offer 3D spaces where users can craft interactive social experiences, design environments, avatars, games, and quests, as well as organize social events. The partnership facilitates avatar interoperability, enabling creators to cross-sell avatars and wearables between both platforms, expanding their reach and enhancing user experiences.

Genesis VR Tron Club in Somnium Space VR – Photo by Blake Hotz
Photo by Paul Wilson

A Game-Changing Integration

One of the most revolutionary aspects of this partnership is the integration of Somnium Space VR’s “VR Transaction Pipeline” into the Sansar platform. This integration will establish a cross-platform blockchain marketplace powered by the utility token CUBE, enabling seamless transactions in VR across various applications and metaverses. Users will have the choice between blockchain and non-blockchain options for payments, providing convenience, security, and anonymity in transactions.

Decentralized Identity and Autonomy

The partnership between Somnium Space VR and Sansar emphasizes user autonomy through a fully decentralized identity system. Users will have complete control over their virtual identities and economic activities, ensuring privacy, security, and efficient engagement across platforms. This decentralized approach removes intermediaries, allowing users to buy, sell, trade virtual goods, and interact with others seamlessly.

A Glimpse into the Future

Looking ahead, both platforms are working towards achieving feature parity by 2024, delivering equivalent VR capabilities and functionalities. This step is pivotal in creating a unified Metaverse where users can seamlessly move between platforms without any loss of experience. The integration of Somnium Space’s AI R&D technologies into Sansar offerings further highlights the commitment to enhancing user engagement and immersion.

Community and Celebration

To celebrate this monumental partnership, Somnium Space VR and Sansar have organized weekly community world exploration tours and disco dance club after-parties. These events provide a sneak peek into the exciting possibilities and experiences that await users in the cross-platform Metaverse.

Photo by Paul Wilson


The collaboration between Somnium Space VR and Sansar marks a significant milestone in the evolution of virtual reality. By combining their strengths, these platforms are set to redefine user experiences, creativity, and economic opportunities within the Metaverse. The vision of a fully open, interoperable, and user-centric VR future is taking shape, offering users the chance to transcend boundaries, connect with others, and shape their digital identities like never before.

Weekly tour starts in Sansar on Saturdays at 1pm PT/20:00 CET

Oly is a multi-media artist, entertainer and gamer exploring Somnium Space VR. Check out her projects at

August 13, 2023

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