ThePhotoMode: Virtual Photography (VP) exhibition in Somnium

We love making pictures. We love to capture what we see, what touches and moves us. And we love to share them. They tell a story, they tell us something about ourselves, our journeys and our experiences. For some, photography is not just a skill that can be mastered. For them it is an art form. And we know it is. Who hasn’t seen photographs with such artistic merit that it evoked genuine emotions?

Virtual Photography

A new, related art form has evolved in recent years: Virtual Photography. It’s the growing movement of taking photos in video games. It originally started with gamers taking screenshots of games and uploading those to various Internet fora. Over time people have perfected the craft and use artistic skills and techniques to get the best possible shots, much like in real world photopgraphy.

The art form has grown up so fast, that developers of games are creating dedicated Photo Modes that try to mimic real world camera’s within their games, its not just a screenshot of a game anymore but a unique view into the individual’s experience of the game.

VP Exhibition

If you enjoy photography in general and virtual photography in particular, then get ready for the first ever Virtual Photography exhibition in Virtual Reality, inside Somnium Space!

Participate and you’ll have a chance to get your work tokenized and be put on display in a gallery in Somnium Space when the exhibition opens on June 8th. See the announcement from ThePhotoMode, organizer of the exhibition.

ThePhotoMode is a platform that features and promotes Virtual Photography. The location of the gallery will be announced before the opening.

This will be a truly unique exhibition. Digital art and virtual galleries in VR go hand in hand, as demonstrated by the many art galleries popping up in Somnium Space.

The Rules

To enter, post your photo’s on Twitter before May 31st 2020, using the hashtag #VRVPgallery and tag with @SomniumSpace and @ThePhotoMode.

Photo’s can be made in any game, including VR world Somnium Space. The theme of the exhibition is Architecture, so images must be architectural shots.

The 10 winners will be announced on June 6th and be on display in a Somnium Space gallery on June 8th.

Suffice to say that the exhibition is an excellent opportunity for Somnium Space members to bring their virtual camera’s, walk around in our VR world and capture that perfect shot. Who knows it will end up in the gallery!

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  1. Oh, this sounds interesting, but I don’t use Twitter much. Instagram’s usually my go-to platform, but I guess I can manage posting on Twitter if you’d prefer.

    The hard part is going to be deciding on a good shot. I have so many good ones to choose from! You said the theme was architecture. I’ll have to see what kind of pictures I have related to that theme.

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