Road to SLO Week 10: Grand Finale

Road to SLO Week 10: Grand Finale

What a ride it has been, Somnium Space’s Road to Secondary Land Offering (Road to SLO) campaign. Ever since mid March,week after week, the VR land parcels Somnium put on auction on the NFT trading platform OpenSea flew off the shelves. Literally within days. Each time. It is not hard to understand why these NFT’s are so popular. They’re not collectibles, they’re a gateway to a new era, to a stake in a growing, immersive VR world that allows people to unleash their creativity, socialize, share and do business in totally new ways.

The Road to SLO is 10 consecutive weeks of parcel auctioning by Somnium Space. After the Road to SLO the company will announce the date of the Secondary Land Offering (SLO), which is most likely happening during the second half of 2020. If you want to know more and perhaps grab a few Somnium parcels yourself, check out this article:

Whether you want to have fun, socialize, invest or do business – or all of the above for that matter – owning one or more parcels in Somnium will make all of that possible. Mind you, you can join all the fun without owning parcels, but being a land owner multiplies your possibilities.

If you did not get hold of any parcel up until now or are looking for more parcels, then make sure to join the grand finale of Road to SLO: Today, May 21st, around 11:00 CET, the last of the total of 10 weeks will kick off with the auctioning of some amazing parcels and estates.

This 10th week is truly something special. If you have followed Road to SLO, you know that on average 25 parcels were on auction each week. Sometimes a few estates (existing of multiple parcels) were thrown in the mix as well.

The final auction will be a combination of parcels (35) and 4 of the biggest estates in Somnium. In total more than 100 parcels will be on sale.

Why join now and get hold of a parcel? It won’t be your last opportunity to buy parcels, let that be clear. But it may be your last opportunity for some good deals for some time to come as Somnium will not put more parcels on sale before the Secondary Land Offering, which is expected to be later this year. Also, secondary market parcels tend to be somewhat more expensive. So rather than relying on the secondary market, this 10th week of Road to SLO may have just those parcels you are looking for.

Good luck and looking forward to welcome you to Somnium Space!

Useful links

Somnium Space Marketplace (this is where you find the auctioned parcels).

Somnium Space website (where you can read more about Somnium and sign up)

Somnium Space community on Discord (where you can reach out to the community with whatever question you may have)

May 21, 2020

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