The wonderful world of Somnium Architecture

The wonderful world of Somnium Architecture

It’s been that time again where your reporter goes wandering around the wonderful VR world of Somnium Space looking for interesting architecture, build designs and structures that stand out. My first choice is a very simple but exquisitely clean build just north of Somnium Waypoint. The build has a perfect balance of interior lighting for sundown, with an open and airy feel with plenty of window areas to maximize daylight illumination.

My next choice has a definite fun theme. I spotted a ‘little fellow’, well actually a ‘not so little’, Minion that’s keeping up with technology, complete with VR headset and looking over to the mountains. This fun build can be explored via glass ramps inside and offers a nice view westwards from inside its head. A great, fun piece of architecture.

My next port of call was to visit a ‘sparkly build’, due east. From a distance it’s almost purple in coloring, but as I got closer I realized the texture on the wall resembled the covering of an 80`s disco ball over a dance floor. Dance is definitely the appropriate word here as, upon entering, I walked straight onto a dance floor with 80’s music blasting and a twin screen set up to maximize the immersive feeling. I would recommend this venue for a great little party with friends.

My travels were mostly north of Somnium Waypoint so I decided to explore in a more southern direction. After some time I spotted a rather strange outline on the horizon, something that did not seem to conform to the usual builds with straight lines and angular roofs. I walked further south until I got real close. The structure was a exceptionally well balanced mix of triangles, floors, blocks. They all melted together in a structure that had a magnetic pull on me and I simply needed to explore it. This build is a must visit and gets a major thumbs up from me.

I walked back in the direction of Somnium Waypoint, thinking I was done for the day. But then I stumbled upon a colorful structure that I simply had to explore as well. It appeared to be some sort of gallery. I wanted to go inside but it was like the colored panels on the exterior walls kept me transfixed. After a few moments however I entered inside and saw colored spheres in the welcome area. I quickly realized this was indeed an art gallery, with lots of space and placeholders for future art pieces. It was a very open, easily accessible structure that invited me to wander around. I promised myself to keep an eye on this gallery and return for its ‘grand opening’.

I left the gallery and returned to the central plaza at Somnium Waypoint. I had spent roughly 45 minutes wandering around and everywhere I looked new, amazing and creative builds had appeared.

It dawned upon me that this VR world was growing at accelerated speeds. More and more people were apparently discovering the platform, its second to none immersion and how fun and easy it was to create structures using the Builder tool.

Structures that your reporter could visit, discover, admire. And you can too.

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May 23, 2020

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