Parcel Perfect Episode #1: Small Roadside with Mountain View

In this video series we will show you a number of different parcels throughout Somnium Space: A variety of roadside, waterfront and inland parcels. We will talk about what makes them attractive and why they could be an interesting option for anyone aspiring to become a land owner in Somnium Space.

In this first episode we’ve opted to show you a small roadside parcel with a great view of the ∞ Pixels Peak mountain, slightly off the beaten track.

How do you buy a parcel?

Somnium Space is a blockchain based VR world. And any assets (including parcels) are so-called NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) that can be bought for cryptocurrency (most commonly they’re listed in Ether, Cubes or DAI).

Somnium Space parcels are listed on an independent NFT marketplace called OpenSea. You can freely browse all the parcels, but if you want to buy them you will need to link OpenSea to a crypto wallet (address). If you then link that same wallet address to Somnium Space, anything you buy on OpenSea will automatically ‘update’ Somnium so you can start building on your parcels.

Check out the following great video of Somnium Space member Chris Bell. He walks you through the process of creating a wallet that you can use for Somnium Space and OpenSea.

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