A Night To Remember: FEWOCiOUS x NiftyGateway Drop Spotlight

Last night a special event took place in Somnium Space. FEWOCiOUS, the famous, 17 year old cryptoartist from Las Vegas joined in VR to showcase her latest artworks that will be dropped on NiftyGateway on January 1st, 2021. Not only does this date mark the beginning of the new year, it also happens to be the day on which FEWOCiOUS will turn 18.

Her artworks have gained a lot of traction. They’re mesmerizing, colorful and complex and invite the viewer to discover them, think and speculate about the creative process and inspiration that led to their existence.

A special art gallery, close to Somnium Waypoint and at the shores of Deep Oasis Lake had been chosen for the event. And during the course of the evening, CEO and founder of Somnium Space, Artur Sychov, interviewed FEWOCiOUS about her artworks – with live musical intermezzo’s by Djembe Dragonfire.

Artur Sychov talks with FEWOCiOUS about one of her new artpieces.

There were four new artworks on display and it was super interesting to hear what inspired FEWOCiOUS to create them. They’re emotions and feelings turned tangible via highly intuitive, creative and iterative processes. Artworks that draw you in and move you.

It was great to witness that the gallery was packed with VR and art lovers. Around 20 people were at the venue (with many more following the live stream) to enjoy FEWOCiOUS’ great new pieces and Djembe Dragonfire’s live performances. On several occasions one could see fireworks lighting up the sky above Somnium Waypoint.

All watched by FEWOCiOUS who genuinely enjoyed herself during the event.

Fireworks above Somnium Waypoint.

After Artur’s conversations and Djembe’s music, there was a networking opportunity. We had the pleasure of catching up with FEWOCiOUS as well.

Disco party afterwards

A get together in Somnium Space isn’t complete unless it is followed by a dance party. After the official event in the gallery everyone headed over to the club venue next door for some great live DJ beats.

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