Somnium Space: A (Virtual) World of Possibilities

Somnium Space: A (Virtual) World of Possibilities

With the recent release of the Somnium WEB client, Somnium Space has taken another major step in unlocking their immersive VR world to a broader public, while staying true to their ‘VR first’ approach. In addition to VR mode, which of course requires a VR headset, users can jump into Somnium in 2D mode – using the 2D client – and to individual parcels using the new WEB client.

The latter feature allows anyone to jump to a specific parcel by using a simple URL in their Internet browser. No need to install any client software.

Not only does this make any parcel instantly accessible to anyone, it also allows visitors to interact with anyone else who happens to be on the same parcel, whether it be in VR mode, 2D mode or WEB client mode. The significance of this feature cannot be emphasized enough.

Standing in front of crypto art gallery ‘Genesis VR’, parcel #2701 –

Imagine you’re a crypto artist and want to showcase your art in a VR gallery. By building a gallery in Somnium Space you can offer visitors:

  1. Full immersive experience in VR;
  2. Easy access using the 2D client;
  3. Instant access to your parcel/gallery via a simple URL (WEB client). Note that you can embed the URL in your own website if you happen to have one (scroll down to see an example).

No matter how people decide to join you can greet them and talk to them. And no matter how people decide to join they can purchase your artwork. Suffice to say that this feature opens up for a whole range of use cases where anyone can join, regardless of location and device. Live music shows, conference venues, shops, you name it.

Inside the Genesis VR gallery via the WEB client.

A Somnium parcel as your VR home page

The sky is the limit in Somnium Space. The WEB client allows you to turn your build in VR into a home page. Below we have embedded the Genesis VR art gallery. Just press ‘Join as Guest’ (or Login) and try it out. You can use the mouse and either the arrow keys or the WASD-keys to move around.

You can also jump to a specific spot by moving the green marker around and clicking the left mouse button.

For the HTML savvy among our readers, a simple <iframe> does the job:

Microphone and Video

When you have joined, you can enable your microphone and video. The latter will replace your avatar’s head with a monitor. It looks funny, but it is very useful, e.g. if you want to meet with your co-workers, for conferences or whatever the occasion is.

Switching to VR

One other, very interesting feature is the ability to switch to VR mode while you are on the parcel. Those with a VR headset, such as the Oculus Quest, will be able to open a browser in VR, enter a parcel via the WEB client and instantly switch to VR mode.

With a headset you can of course enter the entire world of Somnium Space using VR mode, but being able to jump to individual parcels using the WEB client and then immerse yourself by switching to VR is extremely useful. You will be able to quickly move around and jump from parcel to parcel.

Somnium Map

A very convenient entry point to all parcels is the Somnium Space map.

After it has loaded you can click on any parcel and click the WEB client button to jump to the parcel in question.

Useful links

Somnium Space Website

Somnium Space VR marketplace on OpenSea

Somnium Space on Discord

Somnium Space interactive map

January 6, 2021

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