Exclusive on SomniumWEB: Crypto Artist Panel Talk Show

Crypto Artist Panel Talk Show

When: February 21, 2021, 22:00 CET
Where: Art Lounge I, parcel 1697

Join the Crypto Artist Panel Talk Show on February 21, 22:00 CET on SomniumWEB. The art talk show will be hosted by none other then Serena Tabacchi, director and co-founder of MOCDA and Colborn from MOCA.

The crypto artist panel will consist of the following amazing artists:

Each artist will be introduced and we will discuss their style, what message are they trying to convey, why they chose the crypto space, how they see the future of crypto space in general and crypto art in particular and much more.

Colborn from MOCA


The venue, Art Lounge I, is a gorgeous build by Natural Warp on parcel 1697, right at the heart of the open, persistent and blockchain based VR world Somnium Space. To teleport to the venue, simply follow this link. Then go to the top floor.

The venue is one of several crypto art galleries in Somnium Space that are operated by Natural Warp. You can see the complete list here.

How to move around in SomniumWEB

Moving around on SomniumWEB is pretty intuitive, using your mouse and keyboard. Here are a few quick tips though:

  • You can move forward/backward and sideways with the arrow keys and the WASD keys on your keyboard. Note that your avatar will always move according to your viewpoint.
  • To change your viewpoint use your mouse while holding down the left or right mouse button. Note that you can invert the behavior of your mouse under Settings (Gear icon at the top right) -> More Options.
  • To zoom in and out, use your mouse wheel.
  • To jump to a specific spot, move your mouse until you see the green marker and press the left mouse button

The green marker is going to be your friend. Until elevators are available, it is your only way to go to the top floor where the panel talk show will take place. To get there, zoom out and turn your view so you look at the venue from above. Then move the green marker so it points at a spot on the top floor and press the left mouse button. You will now instantly jump to that location. Once you are there, zoom in again.

In the event you are struggling to jump to the top floor in one go (if you zoom out too far, the green marker may not appear), try going from floor to floor instead.

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