The Amazing Somnium WEB client

On February 21st I had the pleasure of joining the crypto artist panel talkshow, which had been organized by Natural Warp in his magnificent Art Lounge I on parcel 1697. It blew my mind. Why? First of all because of the artists and their magnificent artworks. Long gone are the days that I thought anyone with a computer can produce cool digital art. The originality and depth of their works truly moved me and drew me in. These were the works of extremely talented people. One of these days I will purchase some of their works for my virtual home in Somnium for sure.

What blew my mind as well is the depth of the experience via Somnium’s WEB client. Here we were, around 40 people gathered on just one of the thousands of parcels in Somnium and had an experience that carved a lasting memory in our brains. And that by using a simple URL.

That URL can be used on any device as long as it has an Internet browser. I tried it on my smartphone, on my laptop and even inside my Oculus Quest. The latter is truly amazing as you can switch to true VR mode with the press of a single button.

What also blew my mind was the fact that I realized the sheer limitless possibilities in Somnium. I’ve said before ‘the sky is the limit’, but the true meaning of that catchy phrase dawned upon me that evening in Art Lounge I. We’re seeing a revolution happening before our eyes. It’s not that people, avatars, gather in some sort of environment. That’s the norm these days with ever more sophisticated online games.

The revolution is in the connection with the blockchain, the segregation of platform, running the infrastructure and the immutable records of asset ownership. The revolution is also in the persistent, immersive nature of the Somnium world. In the creation of the Metaverse. The WEB client is one of the doors that let’s you into Somnium, but even more so it is going to be the bridge to VR for the masses.

WEB client usage is going through the roof at the moment. And I totally understand why. I had some successful business meetings with co-workers using the WEB client. It was their first glimpse of Somnium, but before long some of my colleagues ordered a headset and are now considering purchasing or renting a parcel. The revolution, that started with a tiny wave far out at sea has grown and is now washing over us. Platform usage will grow significantly in the time to come.

Exciting times are upon us. We don’t fully grasp the potential, but that’s the beauty of it in a way. Somnium Space provides the platform, it is up to the creative community to develop use cases and build applications on top of it. That already happens before our eyes.

I saw it, that evening in Art Lounge I.

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