Djembe (and guests): Musical Metaverse Pioneer

Djembe Dragonfire, a name that has people’s faces light up in Somnium Space. Virtually everyone (pun intended) knows his name. And for obvious reasons. Whenever there is something to celebrate in Somnium, which seems to be a constant, it is often left to Djembe’s artistic, musical talent to frame the event and turn it into a real party. On top of that he also organizes his own performances, every Wednesday. Reasons enough to catch up with him at his new venue in south-east Somnium, near the shores of Deep Oasis Lake. Especially because the upcoming show on March 3 at that location is going to be a very special one.

Djembe started performing in Somnium after attending the Burning Man festivities. As he has been performing virtually for many years in Second Life, he quickly realized the enormous potential of Somnium Space. He decided to dive in and create his very own music venue called “Djembe’s”. At Djembe’s there is a show every Wednesday, but his plans go beyond performing himself. His ultimate goal is to help bring more people into Somnium and pave the way for live music performances in VR.

As we talk and Djembe walks me around his spacious, bright venue he strikes me as a person who is living and breathing his passion. ‘You know Marc’, he says, ‘starting up was a bit of a learning curve’. He almost sounds apologetic. And that for a guy who has been at the center of so many great moments in Somnium already. ‘It took a little bit of time, but finally I was able to bring in a guest artist and work with Anj, who is my friend and a terrific musician’.

Anj will perform at Djembe’s on Wednesday, March 3 and his goal is to have a guest artist maybe once every two months or even once a month if possible. Djembe also explains that for the show on March 3, they’re selling 5 special sponsor tickets to cover costs. But not only that, he has also commissioned an artist in Somnium named Viktor Savior who has a gallery on parcel 4275 to make the NFT music artwork. And Somnium Space member Wilson to build his music venue on parcel 476.

Music Explosion – Viktor Savior

We talk a bit about Anj. Djembe’s eyes light up. ‘He’s a great musician who simply has to be experienced! He’s very talented, has toured all over in the 80’s with bands, plays keyboards, guitar, flute, and sings. He writes his own music, plays covers all live. He sequences his own accompaniments, but always plays at least one instrument along with it while singing. We’re actually testing today to make sure he can also be live using the Somnium WEB client. We’re also making sure Anj will have his paypal on a poster in case people would like to tip and don’t want to buy one of the sponsor tickets’.

As it turns out, Anj himself has become very excited about Somnium and has decided to invest in his own VR headset and become an active member of the community. Djembe’s visions and dreams are taking shape, providing both entertainment and provide a way for live musicians to share their talents in the magical VR world of Somnium and the metaverse.

Keyboardist/guitarist/flautist/vocalist Andrew ‘Anj’ Deal has been performing in RL for many years. He has toured the USA, Japan and Korea in cover bands since the late 1980’s and now, with the aid of some computer sequencers, loopers and a literal host of hardware synthesizers, brings a collection of his original tunes and songs that he likes into the VR platforms in hopes of finding others who also enjoy the same sort of popular, though slightly eclectic, tastes as he does. Musical styles include alternative, pop and progressive rock with a definite electronica influence. At a typical Anj performance, one just might hear songs by artists such as Pink Floyd, Billy Idol, The Beatles, Coldplay, STP, Collective Soul, Radiohead, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Willie Porter, Jethro Tull, Matchbox 20, Sting…. etc. Plus a few original songs thrown in for good measure. There is sure to be a little something for everyone.

It says a lot about Djembe that he finishes by mentioning all the people who have helped him along the way.

I’m so grateful for all the support shown by the community so far. Artur has been incredible in working with his team of developers on sound quality and optimizing the world, Wilson and Zap have been extremely helpful in making the venue’s unique and different for themed shows, and I’ve been thrilled to team up with Viktor as an artist and help him get his start in the crypto art community. So many others have been vital too, like Mickey helping me to learn avatar creation, and all the regulars who come to the shows, buy sponsor tickets, and are always there to lend a hand, and so so patient as we worked through the challenges of live music performances in a virtual world.

How to join?

For the ultimate experience, use a VR headset, immerse yourself in Somnium Space and head over to parcel 476. Make sure to join a little bit ahead of time as the walk over to the parcel as it is about 3km south-east of Somnium Waypoint (city center).

You can also join using the WEB client. Just click here and jump to parcel 476 instantly.

I’d love to sponsor the event, how do I do that?

First of all, showing up is a great way to show your support! You can also show your appreciation by purchasing one of the great NFT music artworks specifically made for this event by Viktor Savior.

Also, you can send Anj, the guest musician on March 3rd, some love by using his paypal, which will be visible on a poster during the event.

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