Crypto Artist Spotlight: the Visionary Works of Marco Rodriguez, aka VISIONES

Crypto Artist Spotlight: the Visionary Works of Marco Rodriguez, aka VISIONES

The works of Marco Rodrigues, aka VISIONES, are all about intuitivity, spontaneity and mobility. They’re captivating art pieces created using a wide variety of applications on mobile devices and they radiate a mysterious, dynamic intensity that captivate and invite the viewer to go on an exploration. No two works are the same, they’re the results of highly intuitive, creationary patterns.

Crypto Artist Spotlight in Somnium Space

Marco Rodriguez presents his solo exhibition on the 4th floor at Art Tower I (parcel 3082) in a LIVE crypto artist spotlight interviewed by Artur Sychov. The event takes place on Sunday April 4th, 22:00 CET.

Like the previous crypto artist spotlight, this promises to be an event you don’t want to miss. As mentioned, Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space will be doing a spotlight interview on Somnium WEB. This means that everyone can join from any device and you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the artist and his works.

The location

The venue where the launch event takes place is Art Tower I, Natural Warp’s first solo-exhibition parcel, containing one solo exhibition/artist per floor (there are 4 floors). For those of you who haven’t come across his name, Natural Warp is a Psychedelic/Visionary 2D/3D 360° AR/VR CryptoArtist and well known for some of the most spectacular VR galleries to date in Somnium Space and the whole of the Metaverse. For direct WEB access to his most actively visited venues and to stay up to date on all upcoming events do visit :

To jump to the venue, located on parcel 3082, follow this link:

In case you want to visit parcel 3082 in VR, it is very easy to find and located just south of Somnium Waypoint. And in the unlikely event you get lost, just pull up the tablet in VR from where you can access a map and GPS feature.

How to move around in SomniumWEB

Moving around on SomniumWEB is pretty intuitive, using your mouse and keyboard. Here are a few quick tips though:

  • You can move forward/backward and sideways with the arrow keys and the WASD keys on your keyboard. Note that your avatar will always move according to your viewpoint.
  • To change your viewpoint use your mouse while holding down the left or right mouse button. Note that you can invert the behavior of your mouse under Settings (Gear icon at the top right) -> More Options.
  • To zoom in and out, use your mouse wheel.
  • To jump to a specific spot, move your mouse until you see the green marker and press the left mouse button
April 1, 2021

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